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‘Boruto’ chapter 51 release date, leaks, spoilers: Isshiki cannot kill Boruto, here’s why; Where to read the next chapter

From a promo video for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Set 5 on Blu-ray/DVD | Photo credit: vizmedia / YouTube screenshot

“Boruto” chapter 51 will be released in a few more hours, and that means leaks are here now. There are no big revelations this month, but the manga builds up the suspense on the ongoing rivalry between Isshiki and Boruto, who is practically the vessel of Momoshiki. That last information may be pertinent to what chapter 50 is implying and in the future of the manga.

‘Boruto’ chapter 51 leaks and spoilers

As expected, the major fight where Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke team up against Isshiki begins in “Boruto” chapter 51. It will not look good for the protagonists from Konoha because, as many suspected, Isshiki is an even more formidable foe than Jigen. While it caught Isshiki by surprise that Boruto easily used his karma mark to transport them all in a foreign dimension, fighting Naruto and Sasuke does not seem difficult for Isshiki.

One interesting information in the earlier part of “Boruto” chapter 51 is the confirmation that Boruto used his karma out of an assumption. According to the leaks translation by reliable source Organic Dinosaur, Boruto only thought he could also use the karma that he has for moving the fight away from Konoha. But he does not even know where they are exactly.

Sasuke and Naruto are the ones mainly making the effort to attack in “Boruto” chapter 51 because they are still being protective of Boruto. However, their moves barely pay off, per the leaks. At one point, Sasuke tries to attack with a Chidori but Isshiki will stop his opponent’s hand midway. One of the last scenes in this fight sequence has Isshiki grabbing Sasuke’s sword and trying to stab him with it, but he stops when Boruto gets in the way.

In the early parts of “Boruto” chapter 51, Isshiki will reportedly comment that Boruto is already 80% an Otsutsuki. This means Momoshiki is overwriting his body fast and it could be completed in the near future. Before the chapter ends, Boruto notes that it appears Isshiki purposefully stops his attack because he is avoiding to hurt him.

Back in Konoha, Amado states that Boruto could be the key to winning the ongoing battle. This sparked speculations that Isshiki cannot kill Boruto because of how much Momoshiki has already overwritten his body, and the Otsutsuku clan has this very strict rule of not killing a fellow Otsutsuki. Sadly, the answers will not be revealed in “Boruto” chapter 51.

‘Boruto’ chapter 51 release date, where to read

The good news is “Boruto” chapter 51 is releasing early this month. It will be out on Friday, Sept. 18 around noontime in Eastern Time. The official English-translated copy has a digital release available for free through Manga Plus and Viz’s Shonen Jump.

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