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‘Black Clover’ episode 145 release date, spoilers: Gauche infiltrates Banishers HQ save Marie and Secre

Photo credit: Crunchyroll Collection / YouTube screenshot

Gauche is dealing with a ticking clock as the so-called Devil Banishers group decided to publicly execute his little sister, Marie, who was kidnapped with Secre. The brief “Black Clover” episode 145 preview shows Gauche infiltrating the Banishers’ hideout, although the success of this rescue mission is still unknown.

‘Black Clover’ episode 145 spoilers, preview

To briefly recap, a group of elves attacked the Clover Kingdom that killed several civilians. Relatives of the victims have since decided to form a group with the main goal of purging the country from those who worked with the devil. This made Secre, Asta, and Marie as immediate targets and the Banishers were able to kidnap the two female characters.

Marie and Secre are still held captive in the scenes shown in the “Black Clover” episode 145 preview. They are both handcuffed and are being presented to a mass of angry Clover Kingdom citizens. The teaser also shows Gauche is able to infiltrate the Banishers’ hideout located in Bou’s medical clinic.

Another cloaked figure sits beside Gauche as they watch the Banishers present Marie and Secre before their supposed execution. Gauche has to be smart, though, because they are clearly outnumbered in “Black Clover” episode 145. If he proceeds without thinking through his next actions, he could only sign the death sentence of his younger sister.

“Black Clover” episode 145 is also simply titled “Rescue.” This suggests that the episode will revolve around Gauche’s efforts to save Secre and Marie. There is no telling, though, if they can accomplish the task because titles for the following episodes indicate that the Magic Knights might still have to deal with the Banishers beyond episode 145.

The Banishers and the looming civil war they might incite are not the only problems the Clover Kingdom has right now. Fans should keep in mind that “Black Clover” episode 145 features an anime-original story, but it is also directly related to the manga story arc about the devil Megicula and the imminent war with the Spade Kingdom.

‘Black Clover’ episode 145 release date, where to watch

The anime series is not expected to take any break through the next month, so fans can expect a new episode to arrive every week. “Black Clover” episode 145 will be released on Tuesday, Sept. 29. It is still unknown when the anime will start adapting events directly from the manga.

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