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‘Black Clover’ chapter 266 release date, spoilers: Manga series announces delay; Asta trains with Nacht as the Clover Kingdom prepares to attack

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The Elves have appeared and they are there to help the Black Bulls fight the Dark Triad in the Spade Kingdom. “Black Clover” chapter 266 will show them training with the Magic Knights and the others to prepare for the big battle.

Chapter recap

In Black Clover chapter 265, titled “Elysia,” Noelle was shown waking up in a strange place. Her comrades were lying around her defeated and. She recognized the Elves though as well as the Third Eye and leader of the Eye Midnight Sun.

Noelle Silva also saw Charmy Pappitson, Mimosa Vermillion, Leopold Vermillion, Secre Swallowtail, and Luck Voltia but she still could not process where she is. Patolli steps in and told her they are in Elysia, a small village hidden within the ordinary area.

She also learned that this a magic zone in the Heart Kingdom where the Elves reside. Noelle heard that they were rescued by the people in Elysia because their god of deity, Dryad, told them to do so. One of the residents asked Noelle what made them think they can beat the Dark Triad with very little training and the Elves agreed to teach them the ultimate magic of the Elves.


The training will begin with the help of the Elves in “Black Clover” chapter 266. Also, Asta will also start training with Nacht and the two will learn more about their demons and the reason they came down to the human world.

“Black Clover” chapter 266 will also train hard not just with the Elves but the rest of the eye of the midnight group. These trainings are expected to help the Knights in their invasion plan to defeat the villains in the Spade Kingdom. The upcoming chapter is set to reveal what exactly happened to Dante after Vangeance and Dante beat him up in the previous chapter.

Release date and break announcement

Meanwhile, fans should wait a bit to read “Black Clover” chapter 266 because Weekly Shonen Jump announced via Twitter that there will be a week of break. Thus, the next story will be coming out in Issue #44 instead of #43.

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