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‘Black Clover’ chapter 264 release date, spoilers, leaked scans: Yuno’s Spade Kingdom homecoming gets Nacht’s approval; Elves are finally back

From a “Black Clover” anime promo video | Photo via Crunchyroll Collection / YouTube screenshot

Yuno still has to fight for his place at the table as the interim leader of the Golden Dawn squad, but he will eventually get the approval to join the special elite force to attack the Spade Kingdom. Meanwhile, “Black Clover” chapter 264 ends with a pleasant surprise as the elves finally return.

‘Black Clover’ chapter 264: Nacht agrees on letting Yuno join the elite force vs. Dark Triad

Yuno’s recent promotion to Vice-Captain was put to a major test when the Golden Dawn squad faced Zenon that led to the capture of their Captain William Vangeance, and that means Yuno is now practically the squad’s leader. The preparations for the attack on the Spade Kingdom begins immediately in “Black Clover” chapter 264 by forming the elite squad that Nacht will sneak into the Spade Kingdom.

The leaked pages and “Black Clover” chapter 264 fan translations indicate Jack the Ripper would suggest that only Magic Knight Captains should go with Nacht and Asta on this very dangerous and important mission. But that would mean not bringing Yuno along, and that is something he cannot let happen because he has the biggest reason to face Zenon after he captured William to be a sacrificial offering to the demons.

Yuno would make the case why he needs to go reminding the other Magic Knights that he saw William fought Zenon, who was just using half of his overall power. Some panels also feature an agitated Bell storing up as much magic as she can to prepare for the upcoming battle. To further convince Nacht, Yuno will argue in “Black Clover” chapter 264 that Golden Dawn is the best squad in the Clover Kingdom and so they need him to defeat Zenon.

Nacht eventually agrees to include him in the special elite force that will fight with Asta’s Anti-Magic as the core of their strategy. This signals Yuno’s homecoming, and might even lead to some backstory revelations since he originated from a former royal family in Spade -- the House Grinberryall.

The biggest surprise in “Black Clover” chapter 264 awaits at the very last page. Noelle is just waking up from her previous fight and she finds Patry among the elves returning to help the Clover Kingdom against the Dark Triad.

‘Black Clover’ chapter 264 release date, where to read

What fans can find online are just the leaked scans of “Black Clover” chapter 264’s Japanese copy along with rough translations and summaries, so it is still important to wait for the chapter’s official release on Sunday, Sept. 13. Free digital access is available on websites and mobile apps of Shonen Jump and Manga Plus.

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