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Amidst Increased Gadget Usage, How You Can Protect Your Eyes from Eye Strain

Here's some news which many of you may find surprising (or not). The average American will spend about seven hours each day in front of a gadget, whether it's a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop or other device with a screen. But there's an even more alarming fact that not many of us may be aware of – approximately 70% of people in this country are actually victims of health issues such as eye strain, red eyes, blurry visions and migraines. These are just a few of the health issues which too much exposure to digital screens can cause. One answer to this concerning health issue is to wear blue light glasses to help protect your eyes.

This news has gained even more leverage and credence today as the world faces the global Corona virus pandemic. Increasing numbers of people have been forced to stay at home and find ways to amuse themselves in their homes as a result of draconian lockdown rules. But while lockdown restrictions have abated somewhat in many states and more of us can go out and enjoy the outdoors, we can't deny the fact that we have been spending more time in front of our digital screens than we have ever done before.

So instead of just the 7-hour a day window, most of us may be spending more than eight or even 9 hours a day staring at a screen – and this is certainly not a good thing. So how can we then protect our eyes and prevent eye strain? There are some simple ways to help prevent eye strain and other issues -here's your quick guide.

  • If you have to work from home, as so many of us are now doing, make your workspace as comfortable as possible and see if you can arrange to have your laptop or computer monitor at least 20 and up to 26 inches away from you. If you can, fix it so it is also below eye level.

  • If you deal with a lot of paperwork and have to type down notes and what-not, make use of a document holder. Place it right next to your digital screen and make sure to position it close enough to prevent you from swinging your head too much to the left or right.

  • Change or adjust your lighting so that it doesn’t give off too bright a glare and a strong reflection from the screen You can also purchase a glare filter and place it over the gadget or device’s screen for added protection.

  • Make sure to use a comfortable chair while you’re working; an adjustable ergonomic chair is always a good choice.

  • If you can, choose a digital screen which you can swivel or tilt; on the other hand, you can also go for an adjustable keyboard.

If you want to protect your eyes even further, you can take advantage of blue light glasses, which are expressly designed to filter and block the blue light. Blue light is emitted by all digital devices and screens. You can also opt for lenses which are anti-reflective, reducing glare and enhancing contrast. But blue light glasses are often more effective, especially since the lenses display a yellow sheen on the inside and a blue sheen on the outside.They can help ease strain on your eyes as well as help you sleep better at night and emerge more relaxed in the morning.

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