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7 Apps for Android That Will Help You With Education

Technology has significantly advanced within a short period of time. A few years ago, people were limited to library computers, and now they can carry a plethora of study tools in pockets. No matter what your education level is, you'll likely be wondering, which of the many available apps are the best android phone app for your studies. Below, we've made up a list of the top of them for you to choose from.

Google Play Books

At first glance, Google Play Books doesn't seem like much of a study tool. It certainly can't help you if one is wondering how he/she or someone else can “do me essay” with it. But the ability to access the entire library wherever you go without hauling around a bag of books is an amazing bonus. Sure, you can't get free papers (it's not, after all). However, it's a powerful tool, which is likely already on your phone. It's worth using, however, mind that if you want to utilize some books in your research, you need to avoid plagiarism not copying and pasting someone else’s ideas.


If you want to better yourself in your free time, or wish to learn something new, an app that lets you “attend” online classes is a great application to use. If you want to see what actual college internet classes are like, then you should consider edX. It lets you take college classes for free. You get no accreditation, but you do get the experience of college reality, even from high-level institutions.


This doesn't sound correct, but yes. YouTube is an app that lets you do more than watch cute cat videos. A great deal of educational content can be found on this video hosting app, making it great for educating yourself. From brief information about history to videos detailing science experiments you can do yourself, there's something for everyone of any age. Just make sure to double-check the facts you learn.


Long gone are the days where you had to invest in note-cards so that you could handwrite your flashcards. Now, with Quizlet, you can make your own ones using this app in the blink of an eye! It can cover any topic, include both audio and video, and be shared among your friends or study group. For the environmentally conscious, it also saves pap

Khan Academy

Another app for taking classes and courses is Khan Academy. There are over 10,000 courses for you to choose from, meaning there is something that should interest everyone. This app focuses mainly on more traditional parts of education. Mathematics, science, and history are some of the most common subjects available. For those who want quantity and quality, this is the best free education app in its category.


The sixth app in this list, but the first to start putting up classes to take, is Udemy. This app does have the previous one beat in the number of courses offered, rising up to 32,000. However, despite the app being free, some of the classes must be paid for. Whether you decide to pay or not, the classes are all interesting and of the highest quality.


This is a resource particularly geared towards coders. SoloLearn makes learning different kinds of programming simple and fun. There is a wide range of different languages, including the basics, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But you can also branch out into the more complicated, such as C++, Python, and SQL. So, be Swift (programming joke) in downloading this app if you're interested in writing code. It's completely free!

All in all, apps have made things so much easier when it comes to education. Whether you're just want to learn on your own, or want help in what you're studying, for sure, there's something for you. No matter what your educational level, skills and interests are, you can carry some help with you in your pocket.

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