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6 Defining Qualities of the Best Web Hosting Provider

There are indeed vast choices when it comes to hosting a website, thus the experience can be daunting. This is most especially if you want a web host that is completely suitable for your needs. Think of a hosting provider as Starbucks, one of the biggest coffee companies in America.

Let’s say you are dying to drink coffee, so you decided to pay your local Starbucks a visit. Unfortunately, the establishment is closed simply because its coffee brewer is not working. Sure, as a loyal and regular customer, you would still decide to come back again later. But what do you think will the new or recent ones do? Do you really think they would go back? Absolutely, not – they would rather find a new place to get their coffee.

The same thing can be said for a web host provider. In order to help you in finding the right one, check out the top qualities of the best web hosting provider.

#1. Solid Reliability

Every time your site goes down or becomes inaccessible so does the number of visitors. And if you are going to lose visitors, you are also losing members, profit, reputation, etc. You surely cannot afford for your site to go down – even for a short period of time. To make sure that a provider is completely reliable, see to it that it has a guaranteed uptime. This is where you are going to search for complaints or reviews about them online. From there, you can ask other users about the service of a provider or the experience they have with it.

#2. The Number of Customers

Yes, that is right – the number of customers or clients a web host has said a lot about its service. For instance, you are trying to compare provider A and provider B. Let’s say you check out best hosting online, so you can find out which ones have the most clients worldwide. Apparently, provider B has more clients than provider A. In one way or another, this tells you that the former provides much better service than the latter. This is most especially the case if the difference between the numbers of clients is extremely significant.

#3. Speed

Like many others, you hate the idea of waiting in line just to get what you want. Don’t you dislike being in a long queue when ordering or paying food? If your website tends to load slowly because of a slow network and/or overburdened server, your visitors are likely to go somewhere else. So, as much as possible, you must make sure that it is blazing fast. Just simply test the web host provider’s site, including some of its clients’ sites to see how fast they load. If you are disappointed with the result, then go find a much better one.

#4. Substantial Bandwidth

Imagine if a famous restaurant can only service 100 customers a day. Do you think they have chances of growing? Of course, not! This is basically what bandwidth is for your site. If you are having too much traffic and using a bit of bandwidth, a provider will tend to cut off your site or charge you even more. This is done in order to protect hosting companies from having someone who can use up all of their server resources. Make sure that your web hosting provider can allow you to purchase more bandwidth should you require it someday.

#5. Support

This is definitely one of the most defining qualities of a good web hosting company. Whenever you face problems with your hosting provider, you want someone to be there to give you a quick response and help. Sure, a web host can provide you with all the support channels from emails to chat to a phone number. But what if no one is available to take your calls? What if you are calling in the middle of the night, your site is down for no reason, and no tech support is responding to your calls? You will certainly be angry, right? Your goal here is to choose a web host that can provide you with reliable support. The more hours their support is available, the better for you.

#6. Secure Location

In case you did not know, web hosting companies that are local will likely to be faster and more reliable to contact when compared to those that are not nearby. So, as much as possible, choose a web hosting company with a server that is in the same country as most of your visitors. It does not make total sense for you to go with a provider based in Europe or the United Kingdom if all of your visitors are from the United States. Above all, ensure that your site’s information will be safe and secure on the web hosting provider’s servers.

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