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5 High Altitude Himalayan Lakes You Can Explore In 2019

The first quarter of 2019 is already over. If your resolution this year is to reach greater heights, then these high altitude lake treks will literally take you to significant heights and get you high on adrenaline and thrill.

Trekking season is here. The weather in the mountains has mellowed, snow is beginning to melt, and flowers in the meadows will be blooming soon. All these favorable conditions are simply prodding you to check into the wilderness and explore the trails less taken in the remote regions of the Himalayas.

High Altitude Lakes To Explore In 2019

If you are wondering what all high altitude lakes you can trek to this season, here are some thrilling options and their unique selling point laid out for you.

Bhrigu Lake

Clandestine in the mountains at the elevation of 14,110 ft, you will find an oval-shaped lake which is believed to change colors with the seasons. It’s Bhrigu Lake. If you are looking for a quick, ecstatic altitude ‘high’, this high-altitude sacred lake in Himachal Pradesh is just perfect for you.

The trek begins from Gulaba, 6 km from Manali, and it is only on the second day that you would have climbed almost 14,000 ft, a USP no other trek will give you. Even on more difficult treks like Roopkund and Rupin Pass, you achieve such impressive height on the fourth or fifth day of the trek.

Another reason why you should be trekking to this lake in 2019 is its duration. Choose any weekend you like to venture into the wild for the quest of Bhrigu Lake. Also, you don’t have to travel large distances to reach the base point. So, that makes it all the more accessible and convenient.

Last year I did Bhrigu lake trek with Bikat Adventures and indeed it was a life time experience.


Do you want to go offbeat this year? If yes, then choose Kedartal, also known as Shiva’s Lake as one of the high altitude lakes to explore this season. With the highest altitude of 15,600 ft on the trek, Kedartal is a mean feat more suitable for experienced trekkers and climbers. The grand finale of the trek is the sight to behold where an emerald green glacial lake reflects the grandeur views of Thalay Sagar in its waters. There couldn’t be a more blissful moment for you than being surrounded by the likes of Mt. Thalay Sagar, Meru Peak, Mt. Bhrigupanth, and others.

If you embrace challenges and like to push yourself to the edge, then Kedartal will not spare you with any difficulties. Climb the spider wall tilted to sixty degrees at Bhoj Karak which is a great opportunity for you to learn new traversing techniques and control body balance. You will lose the lush greenery after two days on the trek and meet with rocky and rugged terrain.

The treacherous trek begins from Gangotri which gives you a fantastic opportunity to witness the soul-stirring experience of Aarti at the Gangotri Temple. The best time to do this trek is in the months of May, June, September and October.

Satopanth Lake

Satopanth Lake trek is a world full of surprises. So, you never know what lovely view you are getting next. The fact that it begins from the last Indian village in Uttarakhand, Mana, on the Indo-China border should entice you enough to embark on the journey. The grace and serenity of the holy Satopanth Lake, lying near the base of Chaukhamba massif, will cast a spell on you. It is believed that the divine triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh meditated at the three corners of the lake and chart out the course of the world from there. Such interesting folklores.

Just 22 km away from Badrinath, it is a perfect detour into the wilderness where you will be met with frequent change of sceneries. One moment you are walking in the lush green forests, the other you find yourself trapezing on the ridge. The best time to do this high altitude trek is in May-June and September-October.

Ghepan Ghat Lake

Another one of the amazing treks in Lahaul region, Ghepan Ghat is a neon-blue glacial lake tucked in the remoteness of Himalayas. Why you should trek to this high altitude lake in 2019? Because it is still unknown to most people. So, you would be the first of few to earn bragging rights for this astounding trek. The lake is situated at 13,600 ft where you will be exposed to snow-capped peaks, a carpet of flowers, and thundering river. It is a moderate level trek where you are met with interesting challenges like gushing rivers and unmarked trail. The best time to reach this lake is from May to October. The journey begins from the village of Sissu on the Manali-Leh Highway. The rest is for you to explore if you are daring enough.

Gangabal Lake (Kashmir Great Lakes)

If you want to experience the surreal beauty of Kashmir at its best, head on the trail that will take you to Gangabal Lake. Believe me, it is one of the most enchanting Himalayan treks of all times, a bit difficult nevertheless. After all, all good things come to those who sweat. Situated at the base of Mt. Haramukh, the Gangabal Lake is a high altitude alpine oligotrophic lake which is emerald blue in color making it one of the most elegant lakes in the Himalayas. The best time to trek to this lake is from July-September. On the 8-day Kashmir Great Lakes trek, you are greeted with one lake after another. So, Gangabal is not the only surprise awaiting you. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a combination of high altitude passes, undulating meadows, and enchanting lakes. There is no reason why this should not be on your list.

Trekking to any one or all of these high altitude lakes is something to look forward to in terms of exquisite beauty, varied topography, stunning visuals, and the rapturous lakes.

What are you waiting for? Get bouncing already!

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