Victoria Canning

Victoria Canning

My research broadly includes impacts of and responses to sexual violence, conflict related abuse and torture. I am particularly interested in the effects of these on women seeking asylum, specifically in relation to accessing support in key dispersal areas.

I am currently researching the impacts and harms of the British asylum system on women seeking asylum in Merseyside, including the harms of immigration detention and wider forms of structural violence. Findings from this, and my previous research, will be published in my first monograph in 2016.

European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control (Board Member)
Sociology of Rights Group British Sociological Association (Law, Crime and Rights conference convener)
Prisons, Punishment and Detention Working Group (Co-ordinator)
Merseyside Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (Board Member)
Research interests

Recent publications
Books and Book Chapters
Canning, V. (forthcoming – expected 2016) Asylum, Gender and State Power: Harm and Structural Violence in the British Asylum System Oxon: Routledge.

Canning, V (ed.) (2014) Sites of Confinement: Prisons, Punishment and Detention, European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control Publishing.

Canning, V. (2011) Who’s human? Developing sociological understandings of the rights of women raped in conflict, in Hynes, P., Lamb, M., Short, D. and Waites, M. (eds.) Sociology and Human Rights London: Routledge.

Journal Articles
Canning, V. (2015) Unsilencing Sexual Torture: Responses to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Denmark, British Journal of Criminology, Online First:

Canning, V. (2014a) International Conflict, Sexual Violence and Asylum Policy: Merseyside as a Case Study, Critical Social Policy, February 2014, Vol. 34, Issue 1: 23-45.

Canning, V. (2014b) Women, Asylum and the Harms of Detention Criminal Justice Matters December 2014, Vol. 98.

Canning, V. (2011) Women Seeking Sanctuary: Questioning State Responses to Violence against Women in the Asylum System, Criminal Justice Matters September 2011, Vol. 85.

Canning, V. (2010) Who’s human? Developing sociological understandings of the rights of women raped in conflict, International Journal of Human Rights Vol. 14, nos 6-7, 847-862.

Wider Publications

Canning, V. (2014a) Violence in Britain: Behind the Wire at Immigration Removal Centres, The Conversation, available at last accessed 26/08/2014.

Canning, V. (2014b) Interview: Amnesty International Finds Global Torture ‘Flourishing’ available at May 2014.

Canning, V. (2013) Illusions of Freedom: The Paradox of Border Confinement, Oxford University Border Criminologies available last accessed 17/02/2014.

Canning, V. (2011a) Policy or Practice? Exploring Support for Conflict Rape Survivors Seeking Asylum in Merseyside, Asylum Aid: Women’s Asylum News June 2011.

Canning, V. (2011b) Transcending Conflict: Exploring Sexual Violence Support for Women Seeking Asylum in Merseyside, PhD Thesis (awarded March 2012).
Conference Participation: Selected

Migrant Crisis Series

Today's immigration laws have teeth, and their bite is toxic for people seeking asylum

Oct 04, 2016 09:02 am UTC| Insights & Views Law

As a dock city, Liverpool has served as a gateway to the sugar trade, slavery and global transport for hundreds of years. It has long been a city of immigrants from Ireland, India and Pakistan to Somalia, Ethiopia and...

Migrant Crisis Series

Occupying Turin: refugees breathe life into abandoned buildings of Olympic village

Apr 04, 2016 15:21 pm UTC| Insights & Views

Arriving at the Olympic Village in Turin, the stage for the 2006 Winter Olympics, it is easy to guess which buildings have been maintained as student houses and youth hostels, and which have been occupied by refugees. The...



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S. Korea's Firstface gets US court's nod in Touch ID patent dispute with Apple

A US federal appeals court upheld the validity of two of the three Touch ID technology patents owned by South Koreas Firstface Co. in its dispute against Apple Inc. The technology was featured by iPhone 5S and...


Joe Biden urged to pressure Joe Manchin to support voting rights

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Capitol insurrection: ABC reporter says ex-POTUS Donald Trump enjoyed Jan. 6

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Capitol riots: Democratic Rep. compares 'Justice for J6' attendees to detained Jan. 6 insurrectionists

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Kamala Harris may meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi this week ahead of meeting with Joe Biden

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S. Korea's POSCO, Hyundai to use oyster shell waste for steelmaking

S. Korean steelmakers POSCO and Hyundai Steel Co. will start using oyster shells as a secondary base material for producing steel. Both firms have been developing a recycling technology with a local oyster shell...

S. Korea to develop solar-powered drone that could carry 20 kg to stratosphere

South Korea will invest 37.47 billion won in developing a solar-powered drone that could carry over 20 kilograms in the stratosphere and with natural disaster monitoring capability by 2025. The drone will serve as an...

S. Korean scientists develop 3D printing ink from sunflower pollen

A group of South Korean scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore managed to develop 3D printing ink material from sunflower pollen. The research team led by professor Cho Nam-joon first incubated...

Kumho Petrochemical to produce eco-friendly rubber compound out of rice bran

Kumho Petrochemical Co. will produce an eco-friendly synthetic rubber compound made of rice bran-based bio-silica. Silica improves fuel efficiency, braking power, and wear resistance of synthetic rubber for...

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