Catherine Douglas

Catherine Douglas

Lecturer in Animal Science, Newcastle University

The pinnacle of my achievement to date has to be my Ig Nobel Prize, International Prize for Veterinary Medicine .

More serious roles and responsibilities are as a Lecturer at Newcastle University in Animal Science, Agriculture and Joint Honours in Science. I lecture in a range of Animal Science (Livestock and Companion) related disciplines including: Animal Welfare, Behaviour, Nutrition.

Degree Programme Director Joint Honours in Science, Newcastle University

Research Interests:

Animal Welfare and Behaviour:

Human-animal interaction and its affects on welfare, behaviour and production in the dairy herd.
Cognitive bias to measure affective state. Can whether an animal perceives its glass half full or half empty, be measured and if so can it inform on the welfare of the animal under different management regimes.
Companion animal behaviour and welfare
Student Transition:

Peer Assisted Learning, and extended inductions to reduce attrition and increase success in non-traditional learners in HE.

Sheep can recognise celebrities from photographs, says amusing study with serious potential

Nov 11, 2017 01:27 am UTC| Technology

Sheep are surprisingly smart. New research from the University of Cambridge shows the animals can learn to recognise people from photographs, even people theyve never seen in real life, such as celebrities. The...

Goats, sheep and cows could challenge dogs for title of 'man’s best friend'

Jul 10, 2016 19:42 pm UTC| Insights & Views Life

Since the evolution of dogs from wolves tens of thousands of years ago, they have been selectively bred for various roles as guards, hunters, workers and companions. But dogs are not the only animal humans have...



FxWirePro: A Glimpse At ZAR’s RV And Delta-Hedge Trades On Looming South African Debt Crisis

Due to global recession fears and rising risk aversion yesterday brought a further sell-out for many EM currencies. The rand was amongst the biggest losers over the past days and reached new lows against USD and EUR. This...

FxWirePro: Sterling Still Edgy Amid Pandemic Saga - Driving Forces, OTC Outlook & Hedging Strategies of GBP/USD

GBPs performance ranks mid-table over the past month (+0.5% vs USD, -2.5% vs EUR) as the global impact of the coronavirus has come to dominate GBPs local difficulties with Brexit. But even though Brexit is now being...

FxWirePro: Take Prudent Look At Short Euro Trades Amid Pandemic Outlook

Pandemic COVID-19 impact has broadened, eliciting abrupt financial market moves. We all know that the strength of a relationship can be severely tested during times of crisis. This is currently very obvious in the EU, and...

FxWirePro: Driving Forces, OTC Outlook And Hedging Strategies Of EUR/JPY

Universal fact is that the strength of a relationship would be severely tested during times of crisis. This is currently very obvious in the EU, and the euro is not taking it well. There is no agreement about how to...

We are entering a recession – but what did we learn from the last one?

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, it is abundantly clear that the global economy is entering a recession the first weve seen since 2008. Some officials have compared the last period of economic...


Is Joe Biden overshadowed by Donald Trump in air time during coronavirus crisis?

Despite the coronavirus forcing electoral proceedings to go down other routes, and a shift in priorities as the pandemic grows worse in the United States, it appears that the odds are against Joe Bidens favor. The former...

Donald Trump's campaign team asks Jeff Sessions to stop using his name in his Senate campaign

Former attorney general Jeff Sessions and President Donald Trump are not exactly on the best of terms, but Sessions appears to be determined to win a seat at the US Senate. This led the Trump campaign to send the Senate...

Melania Trump sends well-wishes to Canada's First Lady after recovering from coronavirus

Although the number of coronavirus cases in the affected countries has skyrocketed, there is also an increasing number of people who recover from it. Recently, First Lady Melania Trump checked in on Canadas First Lady,...

Melania Trump calls for people to honor the military and their families this month

Melania Trump reminded the public about the Military Child Month and told everyone not to forget about them especially in this time of crisis. The FLOTUS is a known supporter of the army and their families, and through the...


Asteroids alert: NASA releases image of asteroids Lina and Klotho in the asteroid belt

While there are asteroids that are relatively smaller, there are asteroids that are a lot larger, and then there are asteroids that are large enough to destroy an entire continent. NASA recently shared a photo of two major...

NASA: Hubble telescope detects proof of the "missing link" of black holes

Black holes have been a mystery to scientists for a long time, and it has taken just as long to further understand these celestial objects. Recently, the Hubble Space Telescope managed to detect what may be the missing...

Scientists notice the increasing size of comet ATLAS as it approaches the Solar System

Not much is known about the incoming comet known as ATLAS, but scientists have recently kept tabs on this cosmic object as it gets closer to the sun. One observation was that the atmosphere of the comet has been growing...

Another solar storm expected to hit Earth over the weekend

The end of March saw the Earth getting affected by a solar storm. A new report reveals that the planet will experience yet another solar storm that would take place over the weekend. Express reports that the suns...


‘Total War: Three Kingdoms’ update 1.5.1: New patch fixes bugs and updates gameplay

Total War: Three Kingdoms update 1.5.1 is now live and available to all players. The patch will be bringing with it changes and fixes to the game, such as enabling players to seek confederation after their declared King or...

Will Erangel 2.0 arrives in the ‘PUBG Mobile’ v0.18.0 patch?

PUBG Mobile players are currently enjoying new gameplay features and content released in the latest patch and in celebration of the games second anniversary. However, many players have likely set their eyes on one...

iOS 14 to arrive with major iCloud Keychain upgrades

Apple might soon convince iOS 14 users there is no need to install third-party password managers. The upcoming mobile operating system is now expected to deploy significant improvements to the iCloud Keychain. iOS 14 to...

Pixelbook 2 spotted on Geekbench with an AMD Ryzen processor?

Chromebooks enthusiasts have been waiting for a while for Google to unveil the direct follow-up to its tablet-laptop hybrid that the rumor mill has been calling the Pixelbook 2. If a recent benchmark test result is to be...

Over-ear AirPods could be announced at the WWDC 2020 in June

Apples annual Worldwide Developers Conference is primarily held to announce all the upcoming operating system updates and other software products the company has in store. It is not uncommon for the company to use this...
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