Barry Avery

Barry Avery

Barry Avery is an Associate Professor in the Informatics and Operations department and is the course director for the MSc in Business Information Technology. Prior to moving into the academic sector, he was an IT consultant and worked for companies such as Unilever and Thomson Reuters, as a systems analyst and programmer.

Barry Avery has recently completed his PhD at Lancaster University, which examines the use of Technology Enhanced Learning with Assessment.


Internet and Web technologies
Web Application Building
Database Systems
Knowledge Management
Mobile Technologies
Technology Enhanced Learning
Research Interest(s)

Avery's research interests are in Technology Enhanced Learning, in particular the use of technology and social based pedagogies.


He teaches a variety of subjects to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including in:

Programming and server side scripting
Database technology
Business Information Architecture
Using Personal Learning Environments and Networks (PLE and PLNs)

iPhone SE and iPad Pro offer power in a small package, but can they reverse Apple's sales slide?

Mar 22, 2016 16:29 pm UTC| Technology Business

Is bigger always better? Not when its smaller and heres the proof. For the first time, Apple has released an iPhone out of its usual release cycle, one that goes against the trend by arriving smaller and cheaper, targeted...



Coca-Cola to launch Pride Series NFTs

Coca-Cola will be launching 136 Pride series NFTs in collaboration with designer and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, Rich Mnisi. Some of the NFTs are already listed on OpenSea. The Coca-Cola Pride Series NFTs have a...

California court uphelds Monster's $175 million trademark win against Bang Energy

A California federal court has upheld an arbitrators $175 million award for Monster Energy Co and orange-drink maker Orange Bang Inc against Vital Pharmaceuticals Inc for trademark infringement. Vital, which...

Japanese convenience store Ministop switches from plastic to edible spoons for ice cream

To reduce its plastic waste, Japanese convenience store Ministop will expand the use of edible spoons made from ice cream cones for its popular soft-serve ice cream, Minisof. In May 2022, two of Ministops directly...

Hyundai Motor discontinues plan to construct LNG plant

Hyundai Motor Co. has scrapped its plan to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered thermal power plant and would instead accelerate the installation of solar panels at its major factories. The top South Korean...

France to restrict plant-based meat names in October

France will ban the use of names referring to meat like steak and sausage for plant-based protein foods beginning in October, making it the first EU country to impose such a restriction on meat alternatives. French meat...


Joe Biden urged to use federal facilities to provide abortion services

US President Joe Biden recently spoke with Democratic Governors of several states over the repercussions of the Supreme Courts decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The governors have called on Biden to make use of federal...

US VP Kamala Harris links overturning Roe v. Wade to legacy of government claiming ownership over bodies

US Vice President Kamala Harris appeared at this years Essence Festival, where she drew attention to the fight for the fundamental rights and freedoms of women following the Supreme Courts decision to overturn Roe v. Wade....

US Supreme Court: SCOTUS official asks Maryland Governor to bar protests outside justices' homes

The recent decisions made by the Conservative-majority US Supreme Court have resulted in public outrage and backlash for reversing several policies that are popular amongst the citizens. With widespread protests happening...

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Ukraine missiles hit Russian military base in Melitopol

Ukraine has stepped up its defenses against Russian forces as Moscow makes advances into the eastern and southern territories of Ukraine in the fourth month of the war. Ukrainian missiles struck back and hit a Russian...


New S. Korean technology repairs car scratches through sunlight exposure

The Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology has developed a new self-healing coating material that repairs car surface scratches through sunlight exposure. To change their chemical properties and make high...

Sea lettuce used as cow feed may lower marine ecosystem threat

A joint study conducted by a local feed manufacturer and Konkuk University showed that cows fed with a newly developed feed containing sea lettuce emitted 28 percent less methane gas than those who werent. Cows fed sea...

S. Korean scientists develop robot skin that senses tactile stimuli, self heals

A research team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a robot skin that can sense external tactile stimuli and recover from injury when damaged. The newly developed robot skin...

Absolut enlists startup's help in developing fiber-based bottle cap

The Absolut Company is enlisting the help of Swedish start-up Blue Ocean Closures in developing a fiber-based closure cap for its Absolut Vodka bottle. The caps design uses a combination of sustainably sourced FSC fiber...

S. Korea to produce biodegradable plastic with seaweed

South Koreas Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and a research team at Pohang University of Science and Technology will begin developing technology that uses marine plants to produce biodegradable plastic material. Among...


Report: AirPods Pro 2 will not feature a heart rate monitor

The rumored heart rate monitor feature on the AirPods Pro 2 is reportedly unlikely to become a reality this year. But it could be something that Apple would introduce in future versions of the true wireless...

EA unveils ‘Skate 4’ ‘pre-pre-pre-alpha’ gameplay trailer

Skate 4 was announced nearly two years ago, but fans might still have to wait a long time before the game is released. EA and developer Full Circle released the latest trailer for the game, but it is not the usual teaser...

MacBook Air with M2 chip could arrive in stores in mid-July

The retail launch of the redesigned MacBook Air is reportedly close, with new information claiming that Apple fans will soon be able to pre-order the device. It appears that the tech giant is on track to release the new...

‘God of War: Ragnarok’ producer tells fans game is not delayed

Fans appear to be getting more impatient with the lack of updates and new teasers for God of War: Ragnarok. While Santa Monica Studio has yet to release new information, the game producer Cory Barlog assured fans that it...
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