Philippa Martyr

Philippa Martyr

Lecturer, Pharmacology, Women's Health, School of Biomedical Sciences, UWA, University of Western Australia
Born Perth, WA.
BA (Hons), Joint First Class Honours (History/English), 1991
PhD (History), UWA, 1995 - 'The professional development of rehabilitation in Australia, 1880-1981'
Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Monash, 2019

Key research areas: Mental health history, history of medicine, women's history and health, history of Indigenous mental health

Recent books, monographs and book chapters:

P Martyr (2012) Beyond 'Beyond Reason': images of people with mental disabilities in Australian film since the 1970s. In: Lawrence Rubin (ed) Mental Illness in Popular Media: Essays on the Representation of Disorders, North Carolina: McFarland, 2011: 238-255

P Martyr (2002) Paradise of Quacks: an alternative history of medicine in Australia, Macleay Press, Sydney.

P Martyr (2002) 'Unworthy of strong women'. In: J Biggs, R Davis (eds) The Subversion of Australian Universities, Fund for Intellectual Dissent, Wollongong, pp 118-126.

Recent refereed journal articles:

Martyr, P. (2018), The Shawcross Affair: sex, politics, and madness in Western Australia, 1937-39. Health and History. 20, 1, p. 52-71 20 p.

Martyr, P. & Janca, A., (2018), ‘A matter for conjecture’: leucotomy in Western Australia, 1947–70. History of Psychiatry. 29, 2, p. 199-215

Martyr, P. & Davison, S., (2017), Aboriginal people in Western Australian mental hospitals, 1903-1966. Social History of Medicine. 23 p., hkx006.

Martyr, P., (2017), A brief history of forensic mental health services in Western Australia. Australasian Psychiatry. 25, 3, p. 297-299 3 p.

Editor or peer reviewer since 2008:

Australasian Psychiatry
Health and History
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
Journal of Australian Studies
Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability
Law and History
ReCollections: Journal of the National Museum of Australia

How rivalries between doctors and pharmacists turned into the 'turf war' we see today

Sep 10, 2019 20:21 pm UTC| Insights & Views Health

Would you like to go to your local pharmacy and buy prescription medicines without seeing the doctor first? Or would you like to collect your prescription medicines at the local supermarket? These are some of the...



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S. Korea to invest 160-T won in creating 1.9-M jobs

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