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'World of Warcraft: Classic' gameplay tips: How to queue and win in Warsong Gulch battleground

From the “World of Warcraft Classic” cinematic trailer | Photo credit: World of Warcraft channel/YouTube screenshot

The time for “World of Warcraft: Classic” players to bust out their PvP skills has come as Blizzard finally launched the Warsong Gulch (WSG) and Alterac Valley battlegrounds. These recently added gameplay features will let players join in 10-versus-10 and 40-versus-40 matches.

WSG and Alterac Valley’s addition to the “World of Warcraft: Classic” gameplay was announced last month following the opening of the Honor System. There were four battlegrounds confirmed to be added in the game to offer a more robust PvP ecosystem, and they were all originally planned to launch in 2020. Blizzard then announced in November that the two battlegrounds would be released at an earlier schedule, specifically last Tuesday.

World of Warcraft: Classic’: Main goal in the Warsong Gulch

Both the WSG and the Alterac Valley were released previously in the original game. Luckily for those who will first encounter them in “World of Warcraft: Classic,” Wowhead has a very detailed guide.

The WSG battlegrounds feature a 10v10 gameplay between and Alliance and Horde squad, and its mechanics is practically based on the classic capture-the-flag game. The first step to winning is to get the enemy’s pennant, and then it has to be delivered to the team’s base. In “World of Warcraft: Classic,” the first team to fulfill the game objective three times will be the winner.

World of Warcraft: Classic’: How to queue for WSG PvP matches

One of the most basic information to know about the “World of Warcraft: Classic” battlegrounds is how to queue for the battlegrounds. The first step is to find the battle master – Horde and Alliance have different battle masters.

For the Horde squad, battle masters are located in three points within The Valley of Honor in “World of Warcraft: Classic.” One is near the Warrior trainer in Orgrimmar, another in Lady Sylvanas Windrunner's throne room in Undercity, and in the northern part of The Hunter's Rise in Thunder Bluff.

“World of Warcraft: Classic” can queue for the Alliance WSG squad through three battle masters as well. One can be found in the Stormwind Keep at the Stormwind City, another is in Darnassus across the bridge (eastern side) in Temple of Gardens, and the last one is in Ironforge and can be found in the rear side of The Military Ward.

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