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Under Armour, Celanese Collaborate on NEOLAST Fiber for Sustainable Performance Fabrics

Under Armour and Celanese envision NEOLAST fibers as a catalyst for athletes to perform at the top of their game.

Under Armour and Celanese have joined forces to develop NEOLAST™, a revolutionary fiber for performance stretch fabrics. This initiative aims to provide the apparel industry with a high-performing and sustainable alternative to elastane, known as spandex.

The introduction of NEOLAST fiber, according to a press release, could potentially address the challenge of recycling performance stretch fabrics, a significant aspect of circular manufacturing.

NEOLAST Fiber: A Sustainable Breakthrough

According to GreenBiz, NEOLAST fibers offer the exceptional stretch, durability, and comfort expected from elite-performance fabrics. Notably, they are designed to tackle sustainability challenges associated with elastane, including recyclability.

Unlike traditional manufacturing methods that involve hazardous chemicals, NEOLASTfibers are produced using a proprietary solvent-free melt-extrusion process.

Step Toward Circular Manufacturing

The production of NEOLAST™ fibers incorporates recyclable elastoester polymers, marking a critical first step in addressing the recycling of blended fabrics containing elastane. This progress aligns with the industry's transition toward a more circular economy. Under Armour and Celanese aim to improve the compatibility of stretch fabrics with future recycling systems and infrastructure, a key consideration for sustainable advancements.

Under Armour's Senior Vice President of Innovation, Kyle Blakely emphasizes the transformative nature of NEOLAST™ fibers. This innovation reflects Under Armour's dedication to building better products for consumers and the planet.

By spearheading performance-driven sustainability and innovation, Under Armour and Celanese enhance athletes' ability to perform at their best while forging a path toward circularity.

Enhanced Precision and Adaptability

NEOLASTfibers boast increased production precision, enabling spinners to finely tune power-stretch levels and engineer fibers to meet various fabric specifications. This adaptability empowers manufacturers and designers to create performance fabrics tailored to specific needs without compromising sustainability or performance.

In addition to their collaboration with Under Armour, Celanese aims to extend the availability of NEOLAST™ fibers across the broader apparel industry. By reducing dependence on elastane, this innovation has the potential to transform the way fabrics are manufactured and recycled, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Photo: Under Armour Newsroom

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