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‘The Last of Us Part 2’ release date pushed back again; Will supposedly drop on May 20, rumor claims

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As Sony and Naughty Dog maintains their silence about “The Last of Us Part 2,” the rumor mill has done the opposite. The latest whispers making its round on the web claim that the sequel will not be releasing in February as has been previously assumed, but will be pushed back to May 20, 2020.

What’s more, it’s also claiming that “The Last of Us Part 2” will be featured in Sony’ State of Play, which is supposedly going to take place on Nov. 1. Even the current development progress of Naughty Dog has been leaked.

“It seems that the development of [The Last of Us Part 2] is proceeding in a more than favorable manner within the SP studios. It has also encountered considerable delays at the same time, mainly due to greater work on the technical side of the software for textures and frame rates, to favor in particular the technical upgrade that will be given by the new hardware features of PS5,” the leaker wrote.

The Last of Us Part 2 leak likely a hoax

So how reliable is this leak? Well, given that it came from 4chan, it’s best to take it with a grain of salt, especially with how detailed the leak is. There’s also the questionable release date of “The Last of Us Part 2” to consider.

Jason Schreier – a reliable game journalist who’s well connected within the game industry – previously said that the sequel was supposed to come out in November. But due to “Death Stranding” being released during that month, “The Last of Us Part 2” was pushed back to February.

The claim was then somewhat solidified when voice actress Ashley Johnson let slip that it will indeed hit the shelves on February. She later admitted that it was only a joke, but it is quite curious she chose that month weeks before Schreier made his prediction. But the most questionable aspect of “The Last of Us Part 2” leak is the chosen date.

The Last of Us Part 2 could be featured in Gamescom

Comicbook reports that Sony would usually release games on a Thursday or Friday as has been observed with “God of War,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” and Detroit Become Human.” Looking at the calendar, May 20, 2020 lands on a Wednesday, which is a day that has never been popular with Sony, or any publishers for that matter. Another rumor about the “The Last of Us Part 2” is that it might make an appearance during this year’s Gamescom.

The conference is slated to take place next week, and Sony has confirmed it will be in attendance. The company announcing the release date of “The Last of Us Part 2” during that time would resonate well with fans since it’s close to when Outbreak Day happened in the game’s storyline.

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