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‘The Last of Us Part 2’ release date: Clickers can be used as a tactical advantage, rumors claim

Photo via Screenshot of PlayStation/Youtube

Sony and Naughty Dog are still keeping everything close to the chest with regards to information about “The Last of Us Part 2.” The last time that the gaming community heard about the sequel was in E3 2018 where a gameplay demo was shown highlighting the title’s graphics and violent battle mechanics.

However, it appears that the information drought will be ending soon as new gameplay footage of “The Last of Us Part 2” has supposedly been unveiled at the Gamestop Manager Show. The video was supposedly brief but shown some pretty significant battle mechanics.

Apparently, Ellie can use Clickers to her advantage in “The Last of Us Part 2,” Gamesradar reported. Clickers are the third stage of the Infected cycle and are considered one of the most dangerous monsters in the game, second only to Bloaters. The footage also highlighted yet again the stealth mechanics of the game, which has already been revealed to be different from what’s been seen with titles like “Uncharted 4.”

New gameplay footage of The Last of Us Part 2 could arrive in Outbreak Day

This new “The Last of Us Part 2” gameplay footage will apparently arrive “soon.” Unfortunately, there was no mention of a release date, so gamers are once again relying on speculation to shed some light on the matter.

It was initially assumed that “The Last of Us Part 2” would make an appearance in the recently concluded Gamescom event but the assumption was off the mark. The next date that’s significant for the title is Sept. 26 since it’s the anniversary of Outbreak Day, the time in which the Cordyceps Brain Infection reached critical mass.

The Last of Us Part 2 may be featured in the next State of Play

If that doesn’t pan out, we’re looking at the next State of Play that could feature “The Last of Us Part 2.” If rumors are to be believed, it will occur on Nov. 1. But there’s a low chance of this happening since the source of the rumor is 4chan. Whatever the case, it appears that we’ll be hearing from Naughty Dog soon as fans of the franchise are becoming restless as each week passes.

As for the release date of “The Last of Us Part 2,” the developers are maintaining their silence about this as well. However, there are strong indications that it will come out in Feb. 2020 as speculated by game journalist Jason Schreier.

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