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Target to launch its grocery brand ‘Favorite Day’

Photo by: Jay Reed/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Target is launching its new grocery brand called Favorite Day. It is a food and beverage snack line that will be available in early April.

Based on the report, Target’s Favorite Day will offer more than 700 food items that include bakery products and a premium ice cream lineup. Most of the items are for snacking and enjoyment, especially for people who love to munch on something.

The aim for the introduction of the new brand

It was said that grocery items are the least profitable among the things that Target is selling. However, they bring in the most traffic to its online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Looking at this scenario, Target thinks that launching a brand that will focus on selling snacks is the answer to boost the sales in its grocery department. This is also the company’s strategy to make its customers keep coming back even after the lockdowns are totally lifted.

With the new brand, Favorite Day, the consumers may also get their fill for mocktails, beverage mixers, and even supplies for cake decorating. Grocers will soon see these new items on Target’s shelves and online store in a few weeks from today.

“We’re thrilled to build on Good & Gather’s success and the strength of Target’s food and beverage business by debuting our new owned brand, Favorite Day,” chief food and beverage officer Rick Gomez said via press release. “Rooted in guest insights and developed by our talented Target team, Favorite Day is a sweet and savory addition that tastes amazing, makes life’s little moments of indulgence even sweeter and continues to differentiate Target’s owned brand portfolio.”

What sets Target’s Good & Gather and Favorite Day labels apart

Target debuted its grocery brand Good & Gather almost two years ago, and with its launch, the company’s two other labels, Simply Balanced, and Archer Farms, have been phased out. As per CNBC, the grocery label was able to generate around $2 billion last year, so it was a good decision.

Now, Good & Gather and Favorite Day are grocery brands, so what sets them apart? The former is still Target’s flagship grocery label that offers 2,000 products that are mostly made without sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and synthetic colors. On the other hand, Favorite Day is more on treats and food that can be easily eaten without cooking.

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