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Six Benefits OF PWA’s

We all know what an iOS app or Android app is, but do we know what a Progressive Web App (PWA) is? In this article, we are going to see the main advantages of this type of application and why they have become the new phenomenon of mobile marketing.

The name Progressive Web App already gives us an idea of ​​its nature. One of the fundamental characteristics is that they are progressive, which means that they increase their functionality according to the characteristics of the device on which they are run.

Advantages OF PWA’s

  1. They Do Not Require Publication In The Markets

One of the most awkward processes of creating and developing a mobile application can be published in the markets, both on Google Play and on the App Store.

The publication requirements are becoming more stringent and it is common for applications to be rejected by Google or Apple. However, Progressive Web Apps do not require publication in the markets, so it will not be necessary to go through this process, which in turn will reduce costs for developer accounts and publications.

  1. They Do Not Require Installation

For viewing, the user will not have to download the application, they will only need to scan a QR code or enter a URL in the browser.

The user can then create a shortcut to the PWA on the device desktop or in the browser. This means much less friction with the user, who will not have to download or install the application to use it.

  1. Less Weight and Storage on the Device

Research shows that an average user spends 80% of their total time on just 3 of the total apps. The other apps simply sit idle most of the time, only consuming valuable space in the device's memory.

Unlike native applications, whose high weight can cause the user to uninstall them to free up space on the device, PWA has an infinitely lower weight. While native applications typically weigh around 150MB, installing a PWA on a device typically does not take more than 1MB.

  1. They Do Not Require Updating

As they are web pages, the update of the source code is carried out immediately. Therefore, the user does not need to update the application to access the latest version, which differentiates them from native applications.

  1. Faster Loading Times

The speed of loading is a fundamental factor to increase the conversion rates of e-commerce. Therefore, PWAs are a great tool for any online store, since their loading speed is up to 4 times faster than that of any website (even those with a responsive design).

  1. Multi-Device Design

Unlike native applications, whose design must be adapted to different devices, Progressive Web Apps have a multi-device design. In addition to being much more comfortable when creating the application, this also results in a significant reduction in costs, development time and testing phase.

Why Should You Use PWA?

According to the 2017 US Mobile App Report, the web reaches three times as many people as mobile apps, but people use mobile apps much more than mobile browsers.

That means if you want to reach more people, you should probably create native apps in addition to mobile-ready websites. This is why many companies have already created their progressive web application, which works very well in all scenarios. Please check out this website to learn more about PWA apps.

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