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Shed the Shame of Addiction at New Method Wellness

The New Method Wellness mission is to lead the way in treating the disease of addiction and co-occurring disorders, providing individuals we treat with effective solutions for lasting recovery. To achieve this mission, we deliver the highest quality of compassionate care in a safe, supportive environment conducive to personal growth and development.

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When you can’t endure specific emotions, those painful feelings become your master, and copious amounts of research show a strong association between substance use and emotional regulation. Many people use drugs and alcohol as a form of escape and emotional regulation. Addiction often occurs because the person facing the new obsession runs from and tries to regulate an already existing mental health issue. Many people add a very thick layer of shamefulness to their addiction and mental health issue, which only helps fuel the habit, which fuels the shame, and the cycle is never-ending… until now.

New Method Wellness Believes in the Highest Level of Care

At New Method Wellness (NMW), a 3:1 staff to patient ratio helps each patient stay the course to a successful end. Having undergone a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan that deals with the source of substance abuse addiction and dual diagnoses, low self-esteem and any feelings of shame are no longer an issue. Of course, it might seem that accessible and straightforward from the outside looking in. Still, the San Juan Capistrano-based facility’s leadership and staff work hard to provide each patient with specific care and the most individualized path to treatment success possible while maintaining a compassionate environment filled with empathetic, supportive voices. Licensed and dually accredited, New Method Wellness constantly strives to deliver the highest quality of care for all those who endeavor to seek help for substance abuse addiction within the walls of their facility.

Susie Hopson-Blum

Susie Hopson-Blum has been an active participant in the recovery world for 25 years since the first day she went into treatment at The Betty Ford Clinic in 1988. Hopson-Blum managed and directed a Sober Pacific Living-rooted behavior treatment and recovery facility first. Then, Susie Hopson-Blum called upon the professional expertise of her husband, Ed, to partner with her in her first entrepreneurial endeavor to establish New Method Wellness. Her treatment facility would come to employ over 60 mental health and substance abuse treatment professionals that specialize in dual diagnosis recovery plans with a holistic and individualized approach to attain treatment success.

The Crosbys

Bing Crosby and his wife, Deanna, joined the board of directors for New Method Wellness and became much-desired investors and partners to Ed and Susie Hopson-Blum in 2011. Bing currently serves the NMW community as the Chief Financial officer, and Deanna Crosby took on the mammoth assignment of Clinical Director, leading a substantial team of clinicians in their day-to-day services for all patients. Like Hopson-Blum, Deanna Crosby is a product of the addiction treatment community. She uses her journey to sobriety as a set of road markers to help patients find their individualized pathways to sobriety.

Bing and Deanna Crosby, like Ed and Susie Hopson-Blum, both have a personal relationship to addiction and addiction treatment, whether it be their journey or the observance of a close loved one. Succeeding in a patient’s treatments is only heightened when you’ve been down that road, and others on staff have a similar history.

Becca Bristow

Becca Bristow is New Method Wellness’ 200 Hour Registered Yoga Trainer (RYT) and Reiki master. She started a personal healing journey five years ago when a teacher recommended yoga to help ease her stress and anxiety.

“My mission as a Yoga Instructor is to assist my clients in their transitions and through their healing journeys. Whether individuals struggle with mental health, physical injuries, addiction, or just following the calling of their soul, I will guide them with an intuitive heart that is powered by a divine purpose.”

-Becca Bristow, New Method Wellness Website

Becca is currently furthering her yoga education to take on the title of Yoga Therapist soon. She also plans to live her entrepreneurial dream by opening her own yoga studio to continue her mission of assisting those in need of healing through the power of yoga.

Jimmy Oliviera, BA

Jimmy Oliviera sought treatment and became an alumnus of New Method Wellness in 2014. Jimmy now serves the NMW community as Medical Operations Director with duties that include medical appointment scheduling, pharmacy fill-order management, and logistical care coordination between clinical, medical, and operational departments. In addition, Jimmy is a huge dog-lover and practitioner of Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. He understands the journey to recovery firsthand and utilizes humility and compassion to inspire currents patients towards change.

James Shoffeitt, CADC-II Serene Waters Adventure Therapy

James Shoffeitt achieved sobriety in 2008. Since then, he has counseled others through their recovery journey. In 2016, James specifically created Serene Waters Adventure Therapy to promote those in beginning recovery. James’ water adventure therapy gives patients first-hand practices with coping skills, the ability to discover their spiritual path, reconnect with innocence, interact with others on an intimate level, learn necessary tools for recovery, and open up in an alternative therapeutic environment.

The leadership and staff of New Method Wellness live in the trenches day in and day out, giving them the daily tools needed to find their way to long-lasting recovery. Yet, how do New Method Wellness patients hear about the treatment facility in the first place, if not by word of mouth? What are some ways that NMW showcases its work to the public and gain the attention of those seeking treatment?

New Method Wellness Shines in the Media Spotlight

Selected as a leading addiction treatment facility by Dr. Phil and serving as experts on over a dozen tapings of The Dr. Phil Show, the leaders and staff at New Method Wellness have taken great pride in becoming trusted national experts on addiction. New Method Wellness leadership has appeared on National Geographic’s “Taboo” series and A&E’s Emmy Award Winning show, “Intervention.”

New Method Wellness has also been featured on CBS News, The Today Show, FOX News, and NBC News and publications including US News, Glamour, Parade, Shape, The Bridal Guide, Business Insider, PureWow, Outside, and Healthline, among many others. In addition to the first-rate press New Method Wellness receives consistently, NMW leadership also enjoys that recurring spot as mental health and addiction treatment experts on The Dr. Phil Show by invitation of Dr. Phil himself. This ongoing tv gig has officially thrust the leadership of the Southern California treatment facility into a national spotlight. Still, it hasn’t precluded the addiction treatment facility from garnering a few pieces of negative news along the way.

Past Lawsuits for New Method Wellness

New Method Wellness lost a lawsuit against Dana Point for ‘unlicensed sober homes.’

Susie Hopson-Blum and the leadership team spoke to the state of these residences when the City of Dana Point cited the treatment facility for running an ‘unlicensed sober home.’. “Our houses were not licensed,” said Susie Hopson-Blum, owner and founder of New Method Wellness. “But we were not doing treatment. The City of Dana Point said we were doing treatment, but we weren’t. We have 24,000 square feet of office space in San Juan Capistrano, where treatment is done.”

New Method Wellness settled a years-long lawsuit against Cigna HealthCARE. However, the leadership at New Method Wellness is contractually bound and cannot share details about the lawsuit’s outcome.

New Method Wellness’ Vision - To inspire trust and confidence as a dual diagnosis treatment provider of choice for addiction treatment.

New Method Wellness Reaches Beyond Its Borders

The work New Method Wellness does with their patients does not stop at the door when they send patients back into their lives with the tools necessary to continue to lead sober lives. New Method Wellness stays involved in their patient’s lives after treatment has concluded through an Extended Aftercare program designed for facility graduates. Extended Aftercare is a voluntary alumni program that provides uninterrupted support from counselors, peers, and fellow alumni. According to research, environmental and social factors are critical components of long-term recovery from alcohol and drug abuse, and New Wellness Method assists graduates by offering:

  • Great engagement of alumni and current residents in rehabilitation pursuits

  • Exciting weekly and monthly events like bowling, movie nights, picnics, beach, dinners, etc. – the experiences are produced in the hope of patients making connections that will help in their pursuit of lifelong sobriety

  • Weekly follow-ups, check-ups via email, text, telephone calls to give support and help guarantee sobriety

  • Real-life professional assistance with work resumes and cover letters, which prove especially helpful for those who may have criminal convictions

  • Legal support with financial matters, among others

  • Mock interviews that help clients overcome barriers to employment (e.g., brief employment past, significant employment gaps on resume, etc.)

  • Academic referrals to local community colleges to spur on educational, cultural, and professional development

New Method Wellness is also an active member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) as well as a “Founding Member and Center of Excellence for The Pro Football Hall of Fame Behavioral Health.”

New Method Wellness works to make sure all patients and alumni stand confidently to claim their sobriety out of the shadows of shame. Each staff member can empathize and understands how complicated this process can be for patients. So, The New Method Wellness team continuously works using individualized tactics to keep patients and alumni empowered and equipped with tools to help each person conquer their daily and lifelong sobriety goals.

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