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Pocophone F2 release date, announcement: Poco chief confirms more news arriving in 2020 giving fans more hope on next smartphone

From a Pocophone F2 promo trailer | Photo credit: Xiaomi India/YouTube screenshot

Not hearing any solid announcements about the Pocophone F2 in 2019 is probably one of the biggest disappointments among smartphone fans around the world. But they saw a tiny glimmer of hope when the chief of the Poco Global operations, Alvin Tse, confirmed they have more news about the brand in 2020.

Pocophone F2 announcement happens in the new decade?

A very interesting Twitter incident took place recently when Tse seemingly confirmed that they have some Pocophone F2-related news arriving in 2020. The head of Poco Global cryptically deleted the said post, but not before some Pocophone fans captured a screenshot of the exchange.

A fan is seen asking about the Poco brand, to which Tse responded, “You will hear more from POCO in 2020.” It should be noted, though, that the Twitter exchange did not specifically mention Pocophone F2. However, the unannounced device is undoubtedly the most anticipated product from the brand. So it is hard to keep fans from hoping that Tse’s reply was related to the device.

Executive officers of Poco, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, are constantly hounded by questions about the Pocophone F2 on Twitter. This is proven when Poco India general manager Manmohan Chandolu, had to tweet a Poco F1 promo with a disclaimer that it is not an announcement of the next-generation smartphone from the company.

Pocophone F2 release date speculations

Despite Tse’s tweet, fans should still count reported Pocophone F2 release date in 2020 as mere speculation. Notably, however, this is not the first time rumors about its supposed announcement in the new decade was widely discussed.

Back in September, Xiaomi Global vice president Manu Kumar Jain shared a photo that eagle-eyed fans noticed to be showing what looked like a year-long timeline with numbers possibly representing the months. Everything was written in black markers expect for what reads like “Mi pad” and F2?”

Noting that a Mi Pad was not announced this year, fans immediately jumped to the conclusions that the whiteboard could be showing a 2020 plan for Xiaomi. It then leads to the speculations that Pocophone F2 is already slated for a late 2020 release date. While the photo was never taken down by Jain, Xiaomi or Poco never addressed the rumors that the tweet has sparked.

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