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PUBLISH announces first cohort of PUBLISHalliance members to participate in closed beta of PUBLISH Link

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PUBLISHalliance, a blockchain media consortium spearheaded by PUBLISH Inc, is pleased to welcome its first cohort of members that will participate in a closed beta of PUBLISH Link, an API enabling news media organizations and journalists to manage a token economy and distribute token rewards to their readers.

PUBLISH announced the closed beta at the beginning of month and is expected to continue through to the end of the year.

Media partners comprise a handful of international news media outlets such as The Korea Herald,, Albawaba and EconoTimes, along with over a dozen Korean media outlets.

These include Pressian, inews24, The Fact, Bloter Media, Media Today, Metro, Mediapen, Dailyan, News Prime, Ilyo, Green Post Korea, News Penguin, Safe Times.

Association partners comprise the Korea Internet Newspaper Association and the Journalists Association of Korea, the largest journalists association with over 11,000 individual journalist members.

Tech partners comprise NDSOFT, CCMediaService, BFTTech, and LINCRUX.

Service partners include Kangsong Culture and Art Foundation, YFUND, and Pacific Banking System.

Thomas Kim, General Director of PUBLISHalliance, said, “DID technology will bring more transparency to the media industry and help readers distinguish fact from fiction.”

PUBLISH CEO Sonny Kwon added that “as the media landscape continues to evolve, news media companies will have no choice but to look to blockchain technology as a way of remaining relevant.”

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