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‘Overlord’ season 4 renewed or canceled: Why fans should still wait for the return of the anime series

From the “Overlord” season 3 trailer | Photo by animelab / YouTube screenshot

It is close to two years since the third installment of the “Overlord” anime series has premiered, and fans are still left without a clue on the production of “Overlord” season 4. That might not be a good indication, but there are other reasons why fans should still look expect for the anime to be renewed.

Overlord’ season 4 renewed or canceled: What to expect

First, it is worth noting that a delayed series renewal announcement is not unheard of in the anime industry. This franchise alone is a good example. The second season was not announced until March 2017 – roughly a year and half from the airing of the season 1 finale. In the case of “Overlord” season 4, fans might be looking at a much longer hiatus though.

Another important clue was also shown in the season 3 finale. After the final scenes, viewers were left with the message, “The story goes on.” It could be interpreted in various ways, but it could also be a discreet confirmation that “Overlord” season 4 will be produced in the future. On the other hand, it could also be placed to encourage fans to read the light novel series.

Speaking of the same title light novel series, its 14th volume was released earlier this year but the story does not seem to be ending in a few more volumes. This is a good sign that the anime would also continue in “Overlord” season 4 and, possibly, beyond that.

Lastly, the series is still one of the most popular isekai titles in the anime and manga industry. That means there will always be a demand for the release of “Overlord” season 4.

Overlord’ season 4 spoilers

The plot that awaits in “Overlord” season 4 is also a good reason for fans to keep waiting for the anime’s renewal. Ainz Ooal Gown has now established his Sorcerer Kingdom, but that is only the beginning of his new journey.

This new responsibility will show anime fans a new side of Ainz who plays the game of politics and a little more vulnerable due to the things he still needs to learn as an emperor. One of his first missions in “Overlord” season 4 would be to establish the ultimate purpose of the Sorcerer Kingdom.

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