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OnePlus Nord vs. iPhone SE specs, price comparison: Mid-range contender with likely 5G support arrives in July

From a OnePlus Nord promo video | Photo credit: OnePlus / YouTube screenshot

More smartphone makers appear to be recognizing the unspoken truth that there is a market for mid-range, aka budget-friendly, devices. Apple revived its iPhone SE line last April, while OnePlus is highly anticipated to launch the Nord series this month.

OnePlus Nord’s potential advantages: 5G, memory, cameras, display refresh rate

Since every detail about iPhone SE is already out there, tech fans might want to look back to the most anticipated features and specs of OnePlus Nord and how it would compare to Apple’s budget iPhone. OnePlus is still keeping most details under wraps, but the confirmed information and other rumors make it seem like the first Nord smartphone would be promising.

OnePlus recently confirmed that Nord will be powered by Snapdragon 765G. This Qualcomm chip has been popular recently because it is a cheaper component than Snapdragon 8 series processors, but the 765G comes with a built-in 5G modem.

Over the last few weeks, coinciding with OnePlus Nord preorders, the company has been unveiling more details about the device. It is confirmed to feature two cameras for selfies and four more rear-facing cameras, although specs of the camera modules remain unknown for now.

OnePlus also confirmed the Nord will sport an AMOLED display, and this is interesting because LCD has been the go-to for most mid-range smartphones. Meanwhile, rumors suggest that it could be released with a 90Hz refresh rate, but fans will have to wait until the AR launch event on July 21 to confirm this.

The OnePlus Nord is also expected to launch with 6GB RAM, which is not a shocking mid-range feature for Android-based smartphones. But compared to iPhone SE, it is more superior than.

iPhone SE will still dominate the North American market initially

Preorders for the OnePlus Nord was opened in three different times, and the company said it was “overwhelmed” by the response. This is interesting because that meant people are wanting to have this smartphone even though its real price remains unknown.

Previous reports indicate it will under $500 and OnePlus has been telling fans on Instagram that the device will come “at a pretty great price.” But if under $500 meant $499, that would be one of iPhone SE’s advantages over the OnePlus Nord.

iPhone SE will also maintain dominance in North America, at least, in the early days of OnePlus Nord’s existence. In a letter to fans, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said, “We are going to start relatively small with this new product line by first introducing it in Europe and India.” Lau, however, promised that bringing Nord to North America is very likely happening “in the near future.” OnePlus will also announce pop-up store schedules, possibly after the unveiling event on Tuesday, July 21.

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