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‘One Piece’ chapter 973: Is the traitor who tipped Orochi about the Onigashima raid the same traitor in Oden’s time?

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With Oden’s execution, “One Piece” chapter 973 is expected to wrap-up the flashback and go back to the present timeline. This means that the upcoming manga installment will now deal with the aftermath of their failure to meet at the rendezvous point.

The traitor for both incidents might be the same

Previously, preparations for war to topple Orochi have already been completed. Weapons have already been collected, 5,000 strong fighters have been selected and the transport – old ships that were hurriedly fixed – was already taken care of.

All that was left was for them to go to the rendezvous point to implement the final phase of the rebel’s plan, which is to raid Onigashima. But when Momonosuke and the Scabbards went to Tokage port, they did not find a single ally. What the found instead was a small boat and debris from a shipwreck.

It was later revealed that Orochi sent his men to destroy the ships. Orochi was acting on a tip he received, which seems to suggest that there might be a traitor hidden within the rebels.

Now, Piunikaweb put forth a very interesting possibility about this still unknown traitor. “Would it be the same traitor during Oden’s time?” the publication wrote.

It can be recalled that Kaido revealed that there was a traitor within Oden’s camp, which explains why he knew Oden was coming and decided to meet him halfway. Unfortunately, the flashbacks did not reveal the identity of this traitor yet.

Kyoshiro is Denjiro theory

One of the theories circulating around for some time is the possibility that Kyoshiro might also be Denjiro. A Reddit user believes that solving the real identity of Kyoshiro might also mean solving the identity of the traitor, which might hopefully happen in “One Piece” chapter 973 or later chapters.

“Who is the traitor, and who really is Kyoshiro ?” Redditor Dolmande wrote on the site. “There are chances these two intrigues are linked, and will be solved together.”

“I do believe in the theory where Denjiro and Kyoshiro are the same person,” Dolmande continued. ”There are several clues leading to that. First, there is the fact Kyoshiro is not loyal to Orochi, at all... When he finds the card with Kinemons coded message for the rebellion, he seems to understand it… He also talks about Toki's death like a first-hand witness.”

However, Dolmande does not believe that Denjiro is the traitor. “He will also potentially help in finding the traitor if there is any.”

For him, Shinobu could potentially be the traitor. “It is possible that Shinobu was captured and tortured 20 years ago, had her spirit broken and now secretly serves Orochi,” the Redditor proposed.

Reason for delayed ‘One Piece’ 973 release

Unfortunately, the supposed March 1 “One Piece 973 release date has been moved due to Eiichiro Oda’s minor illness, according to Otakukart. The good news is that Oda already recovered and the new March 8 release date is expected to push through.

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