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‘Now You See Me 3’ release date, plot: Script already in the works but premiere announcement remains elusive

From the promo trailer of "Now You See Me 2" | Photo credit: Lionsgate Movies/YouTube screenshot

The production of “Now You See Me 3” was, technically, confirmed and latest updates even suggested that the work on the movie has reached the point of writing the script. However, these developments were still not enough to proceed to a release date announcement.

Now You See Me 3’ release date, production: Script in the works?

It has been over three years since the second film premiered worldwide, but there appears to be a solid fanbase still looking forward to the release of “Now You See Me 3.” The good news is Lionsgate previously acknowledged the film to be in the pipeline, but there has been a drought on new information on the making of the next movie.

The latest report regarding the production of “Now You See Me 3” said Lionsgate has commissioned the writer duo Neil Widener and Gavin James to work on the screenplay in late 2016. This stage of filmmaking still counts as part of pre-production, and there are other steps involved before a script is finalized. Only then can the actual production and filming begin. After shooting scenes, movies and TV shows go through post-production before hitting its release date.

Unfortunately, there are no updates since efforts to craft the “Now You See Me 3” script was reported. There is also not report suggesting that the movie project has been canceled, leaving many movie fans in limbo on the status of the series.

The first two films earned over $686 million in worldwide box office out of the reported $165 million budget. It can then be said that a third movie could be profitable, too. The producers likely saw this potential, and it could be the reason why, aside from “Now You See Me 3,” the series was reportedly set to have a Chinese spin-off. But this project has yet to materialize as well.

Now You See Me 3’ plot speculations

Plot theories for “Now You See Me 3” are some of the reasons why many fans are still keen on seeing the next movie be released. Some fans believe that the mysteries surrounding the death of Lionel Shrike, father of Dylan Rhodes/Shrike (Mark Ruffalo), could be tackled in the movie series going forward.

The Eye has also been a huge theme used in the first two movies but was not explored enough. There are theories that there might be a deeper story between Lionel and the Eye that might unfold in “Now You See Me 3."

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