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Nintendo Switch to release classic SNES controller today but is limited to four per account

Photo via Screenshot of ARobotNamedFight/Youtube

The Nintendo Switch recently released a trove of SNES games for its community. And to add to the nostalgic experience, the company is also selling a SNES controller for these titles.

Priced at $30, this classic controller will only be available for Nintendo Switch Online member and will be limited to four per account. As of this writing, however, the controller is currently unavailable likely due to a lot of people pre-ordering the device.

The company will start shipping the Nintendo Switch controller today – Sept. 18 – and will arrive depending on when you’ve pre-ordered it. The wireless device will be a great addition to the immersive experience for people who grew up playing classic titles, TheVerge reported.

Some Nintendo Switch titles are being sold for as low as 99 cents

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch titles have been seeing a tremendous uptick on its sales section, particularly on obscure games that don’t get a lot of marketing. To remedy this, the developers have been experimenting which price point is best to maximize profit without devaluing the games.

And as this experiment started to unfold, it seems that the best price to settle on is 99 cents. That’s right. There are great Nintendo Switch titles out there that you can pick up for pennies, Kotaku reported.

The rationale behind such decision stems from two factors. First, it’s a great way to provide visibility on the game. While Nintendo Switch titles are given visibility on the eShop before it launches, it will be taken out once it becomes available to the community.

Nintendo Switch games are best sold when gamers don’t think about the purchase

Selling it a discount, however, will put it back on the Great Deal section, putting more eyes on the title once again. The second factor is rooted in a psychological standpoint. Developers –or small ones, at least – want Nintendo Switch games to be purchased by people without thinking about the purchase in the first place.

“Membrane” developer Seth Scott said that his game sold like pancakes when he decided to decrease its price by 99 percent. Matt Bitner – developer of “A Robot Named Fight” – had also seen similar success when he employed the same marketing strategy. He even said that the Nintendo Switch title had done well enough for him to continue making games.

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