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NFT: Renault Korea launches ‘Create Your Epic Car’ NFT campaign for customers

Photo by: Renault Korea NFT Website

Renault Korea Motors announced the launch of its new NFT campaign that will allow customers to build their own vehicle models on a metaverse platform. The is part of the automaker’s "Create Your Epic Car" event that will run until Nov. 2 only.

Renault Korea Motors said on Wednesday, Oct. 5, that those who will join the event would also be receiving the non-fungible token of their virtual vehicle. Moreover, they can win prizes in digital currency, as per The Korea Times.

This NFT project serves as the company’s very first marketing event to promote its digital expedition with its customers in keeping with the fast-changing trends that were brought about by Web 3.0.

In any case, the NFTs in Renault Korea’s event are Alpha Collection cryptographic assets that are based on thousands of designs and color blendings of the company’s car models, including the QM6, SM6, and XM3 E-TECH Hybrids that were launched for pre-contracts earlier this month.

All customers who will participate in the "Create Your Epic Car" NFT campaign must complete various missions that are posted on Renault Korea’s website for the event. Participants can also buy mystery boxes using the corresponding points they collected through the completed missions. Various car parts will also be given randomly.

Once the participants have collected enough car parts, they can start building their "Epic Car" once finished, Renault Korea will issue the NFT of the completed virtual car. Later, the customized virtual vehicle will now become part of the Alpha Collection NFTs.

The Alpha Collection NFT is the first NFT project of Renault Korea, and this is also the name of the digital tokens that will be issued by the company after completing an “Epic Car” for a new metaverse experience.

Those who will have the NFTs will also get many benefits in the future. For the prize money, customers will receive Clay cryptocurrency, and the value is based on the rarity of the non-fungible token. The first place will get KRW5 million or about $3,539 worth of Clay crypto.

There will be three second-place winners, and each will get KRW1 million worth of crypto, while the third place is set to be awarded to 100 winners, and they will get KRW50,000 worth of virtual assets each.

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