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NFT: Maneki Gang non-fungible token collection unveiled by Lucky Maneki Community

Photo by: Lucky Maneki Community Press Release

The Lucky Maneki Community is running a non-fungible token project featuring the famous mascot Maneki-neko, “beckoning cat.” They have unveiled the Maneki Gang NFT collection that is now up for sale on OpenSea, a marketplace for NFTs and other digital assets.

This will be the Lucky Maneki community’s second batch of the Maneki Gang NFTs. It was mentioned that this new collection consists of 11,358 images that were modeled after the popular Japanese lucky cats.

As posted on the press release, the Maneki Gang Avatars were designed to be used as profile images on social media accounts owned by NFT holders. Each of the avatars possesses eight traits that were randomly selected, and this includes the color of their skin, eyes, mouth, collar, clothing, hat, a background of the image, and paws.

It was said that these were already made available on Aug. 30 and were added to the initial batch of 14,159 original Lucky Manekis in Luckeania, a fantasy world. These creatures are seen as mystical and have powers of fortune and good luck.

The Manekis are all different, and the first 40 kinds are said to be the “Epic Manekis.” These are said to bring tremendous good fortune.

In any case, the Maneki Gang NFTs may also have hidden clues that can be used in the Treasure Hunt game. Great prizes are said to be awaiting participants who are NFT holders.

All the Maneki Gang NFT and Lucky Maneki holders are also eligible to join other challenges such as collecting complete sets of Manekis and finishing tasks that can help the community grow.

“We have ongoing challenges that utilize the hidden traits and messages in the artwork. Challenges are a way for holders to utilize their collection to compete for big rewards,” the Lucky Maneki Community told the Korea IT Times in an interview. “Each challenge has unique requirements, and these are met, you can win a rare or legendary Lucky Maneki NFT.

He added that a Treasure Quest is also another challenge where participants can solve a riddle encrypted in the artwork. The hidden message is the key to unlock the Treasure Chest, and the reward inside is awarded to those who will open it.

Finally, OpenSea the Maneki NFT artworks live on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC-721 tokens. The token holder will be given high-resolution artwork copyright after the purchase plus each Maneki Gang grants access to a range of benefits posted on Lucky Maneki’s website and Discord page.

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