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NEM’s recent joint ventures deals to hint long-term investment avenues in Blockchain

In our previous post, we raised red-flags contemplating technical for short-term trading where we’ve also glimpsed at long-term investment perspectives. Please refer below weblink for more reading on this:

In this write-up, we emphasize on the driving factors as to why investing in XEM seems more lucrative.

NEM has partnered with several lucrative sets of enterprises such as Paytomat, Kchain, Dargonfly fintech, and ProximaX etc,

NEM is a Blockchain engine that enables businesses to easily apply Blockchain Technologies on their processes. Mijin, NEM’s consented ledger can ensure over 4,000 transactions per second and supports full interaction with NEM.

NEM (XEM) recently enterprises the collaborations with ProximaX to launch a decentralized crowdfunding on the NEM’s blockchain. The partnership likely to establish a trump card for NEM as it pursues to shape a niche for itself in the dApps and smart contracts space.

The collaboration also facilitates the NEM blockchain for various developers to team up as it makes it easier to raise funds from supporters and backers.

The ProximaX platform is to route quite a few businesses and blockchain start-ups to the NEM ecosystem. All these opportunities will arise due to the popularity of decentralized crowdfunding in the blockchain industry. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, ProximaX could contribute to the growth and use of XEM.

Partnering with Paytomat:

On the other hand, NEM teams up with Paytomat, a decentralized payment provider which is the Ukrainian company that focuses on cryptocurrency assets. The deal to join NEM sees it tasked with trying to help XEM gain global mainstream adoption, to utilize the Apostille ecosystem on the NEM blockchain to assist notarize wide range of legal documents.

The platform would also seek ways to utilize NEM’s robust blockchain technology in its operations. The final outcome has to be more beneficial for the XEM tokens, raising a possibility of improving its value.

While there is no question that it will eventually make XEM valuable, it’s the short-term effect that really matters. An increased traffic of blockchain developers is a good start for XEM and the ecosystem.

By Niranjan Patil
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