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Michelle Obama, Barack Obama at Oscars 2020: Will the former first couple attend the prestigious Hollywood awards show?

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama in a promo clip for “American Factory” | Photo credit: Netflix/YouTube screenshot

The documentary film “American Factory” is Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s first movie project, and has recently become an Oscar nominee. With that, fans of the former first couple might be wondering if they would be attending at this year’s Academy Award ceremony.

Will Michelle Obama and Barack Obama appear on the Oscars 2020 stage?

The former first couple established their own production company named Higher Ground Productions in early 2018. Around the same time, it was confirmed that the Obamas entered a multi-year deal with Netflix through the said company with “American Factory,” being its first project released last summer.

While the “American Factory” is a success in its own regard, there is no denying that its popularity was also helped by being consistently linked to the former president and first lady. The Obamas even appeared in a promotional clip along with the film’s directors Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar.

It is unlikely that the Obamas are going up on stage if “American Factory” wins the best documentary feature award on Feb. 9. President Obama and Mrs. Obama were not credited in the film, which is not surprising since their production company is what’s directly affiliated to the making of the documentary. The movie is also represented by its directors along with producer Jeff Reichert in the Oscars 2020 nomination page.

Michelle Obama, Barack Obama: Would they walk the Oscars red carpet for the first time?

Accepting an award and simply attending the Oscars are different. But there is no telling if President Obama and Mrs. Obama will fulfill the latter since huge the element of surprise is what makes these Hollywood events ever more interesting.

This means that while the Obamas are unlikely going up the stage, their appearance at the Oscars 2020 cannot be entirely ruled out. The former first couple is also not entirely new to taking part in the Oscars. It can be recalled that Mrs. Obama had a surprise telecast appearance in 2013 to announce the Best Picture winner – “Argo” – that year.

Ticketing websites show that Mrs. Obama will appear at the “Oprah’s Vision 2020: Your Life in Focus” tour on Feb. 8 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York while her next speaking engagement will not happen until April. While this clue is a longshot, this suggests that there is a chance for the ex-first lady to have her Oscars red carpet debut this year.

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