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Michael Schumacher health: Pal reveals that communicating is a big struggle for the Formula 1 star

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Michael Schumacher’s health remained a big mystery for his fans around the world. Only his family members and few close friends really know the situation he is in today, and they are keeping this a secret to everyone else.

Sometimes, there are friends who chose to speak out, although they only share bits of information about Schumacher’s health. But regardless of how small the detail could be, fans really appreciate whatever thing they can learn about their favorite racer. So when the former head of Ferrari, Jean Todt, spoke with the media, he made many people happy.

Heartbreaking update

However, the news that Todt delivered is not really good news as he disclosed that Michael Schumacher is having a hard time communicating. He told The Express that what made him even sadder is the fact that his and Schumi’s friendship will never be the same again as the latter cannot talk like he used to.

Todt also said that Schumacher is still fighting hard and his family is also doing the same. He added that the legendary F1 champ’s wife and kids are taking care of him in the best way they could, but they still have yet to see a big recovery. Todt has spoken with The Express during the special tribute to Michael Schumacher that was held at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England this week.

"His family is fighting just as much and of course our friendship can not be the same as it once was," he told the publication. "Just because there's no longer the same communication as before. I can only say that his family is taking good care of him, and he continues to fight.

Who can visit Schumacher?

Another one of Michael Schumacher’s former colleagues, Luca Badoer, also talked about his friend during the event and reiterated that only a few friends are allowed to visit the champ. He explained that part of the reason is that his current condition is not that great. Badoer went on to say that Corinna, Schumi’s wife, chose who is allowed to see her husband.

Michael Schumacher is in this situation after suffering from a head injury due to a skiing accident in December 2013. He has not fully recovered yet even after years of intense medical care

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