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Lee Min Ho: The actor received malicious comments; How is his mental health after suffering from online bullying?

Photo by: Lee Min Ho/Facebook

Lee Min Ho suffered from mental stress as a result of online bullying. It may be hard to believe that an actor with a very clean image and good reputation also receives malicious comments, but it is true.

The “Heirs” actor is also known to donate to the needy, and in fact, he already received a number of recognitions from the United Nations due to his continuous support to help the poverty-stricken people in poor countries. He is also providing assistance to sick children and single mothers; thus, it was quite surprising that he is still being bashed.

Min Ho’s online bullying experience

Allkpop reported that MYM Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s management agency, informed the public that they took action against people who were throwing hateful comments to the actor.

They did not mention the exact words that he received, but it seems really hurtful and harsh because he started to suffer from mental stress due to these senseless online harassments and bullying.

In an effort to protect its artist and prevent Min Ho’s mental health from getting worse, MYM Entertainment immediately filed a case against malicious commenters. Likewise, the agency took legal action as the actor has been experiencing symptoms of mental distress that could affect his work and well-being.

The agency vowed to punish those who are responsible for the actor’s cyberbullying incident. Then again, the agency did not elaborate on why and what triggered some netizens to post hate comments directed at Lee Min Ho.

“This is an issue that's caused a lot of mental stress and psychological damage to the artist and to fans who've witnessed it,” MYM wrote through a statement. “These illegal acts have been continuing on for years, and the reputation and image of our artist have suffered due to slander and hateful comments caused by false information.”

How is the actor after the cyberbullying incident

Fortunately, Lee Min Ho was able to rise up fast from being distressed and recovered rather than fall deeper into depression. This means that his mental health has improved since the hate comments have stopped. As proof, the actor is back to work and eagerly filming his comeback drama, “The King: The Eternal Monarch.”

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