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How the Ever-Worsening Weather Will Affect Your Home in 2019

Whether you believe in global warming or not, it cannot be denied that the weather over the past few years has been getting distinctly worse. From winters which cannot decide if they are sub-zero or unseasonably warm to unbearably hot summers, there is no doubt that our weather is changing for the worse. How will these changes affect you and your property? Let’s keep reading to find out.


Periods of no rainfall, otherwise known as droughts, are some of the times we need to be most vigilant in taking care of ourselves. We are more likely to be at risk when it is hot and humid, as a high factor for both of these goes hand in hand with reports of death. With five of the hottest years on record looking back, it is evident that temperatures are only going to keep on climbing.

A drought is most likely to affect your property’s foundation and water supply. If you have an extended period of dry weather, make sure to regularly inspect your foundation for any sign of cracking or damage. Foundation damage can have a significant impact on the rest of your property, so you need to actively prevent it as soon as it occurs.

A lack of water is not only dangerous for you, but also for any livestock that you might be raising. Conserving water in a water butt when it is raining will give you a supply ready to use when things dry out. Likewise, if you are going to stockpile water, you should start doing so before everyone else is also trying to buy.


At the opposite end of droughts come the floods. Due to extended periods of precipitation or heavy rainfall in a short time, flooding can be devastating as it wrecks peoples’ homes and can not dissipate for weeks, leaving people stranded and unable to return home. It can also be one of the costliest environmental damages to fix; affecting not just the structure of your house physically and aesthetically but also damaging everything you have inside it.

One of the early precautions you can take is checking that your home is not on a flood plain when you buy. You can also buy a number of home improvements to help minimize the damage flooding could do to your property. One such improvement should be a pump to clear water out of your basement if you have one.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather like hurricanes and other storms are becoming all that more common. You have to ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality which could affect your home. The hurricanes which strike the Americas are only getting worse, and it won’t be long before we see a hurricane and typhoon-like weather in other parts of the world too. Learning how to prepare your home in the event of a hurricane is a must - from prepping windows and doors to preparing emergency supplies for each family member, there is plenty you can do.

There are some other ways you can protect against extreme weather and the damage it might do to your home. Make sure that your insurance contains some sort of mortgage hazard insurance policy for protection against a variety of different types of weather.

The severe weather is here to stay, that much is certain. Instead of denying it, we should move towards ensuring that we know how to minimize the damage against our homes. Take your first steps to protect your home and ensure that you know how the changing weather patterns in your area might come to affect it.

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