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How much money do you make doing affiliate marketing? ​

The popularity of partner marketing is growing rapidly. A lot of people are looking for information related to this topic every day. They are interested in the size of earnings at the initial stage, the term for making a good profit, the affiliate marketing average income.

This article collects accurate information that will be clear to both an advanced businessman and a newcomer in this field.

How the Affiliate Marketing System Works

Affiliate marketing is a competitive industry and a core part of the digital marketing ecosystem. Will affiliate marketing help you make money? Yes. A lot of money? Yes. And they will be credited to your account at any time of the day, even when physically you will not be at the computer? Yes! Will it happen quickly? No.

This industry shows a high ability to compete. It is a key part of a holistic digital marketing system. With partner marketing, one can earn a lot of money. At the same time, the funds will come to your bank account without your action and at any time. However, you should not count on a quick income.

The concept of affiliate marketing is available for understanding, but here you cannot do without special knowledge, the ability to plan and perform certain actions. In the implementation of all the listed, a good income will not be kept waiting.

Partner marketing is a great way to earn fees from selling digital products to other members of the system. A product or service is offered, and an affiliate receives a fixed income for each completed action.

Members of the affiliate marketing system are:

  1. A seller (creator, brand) is the owner of the product.

  2. An affiliate (a publisher). This person encourages consumers to purchase the seller's goods. The affiliates include bloggers; users of social networks with a large audience of subscribers; affiliated marketing companies.

  3. A client. They acquire a product advertised by the publisher.

A good example of an affiliate marketing demonstration is a link where a user navigates to another site. The address of the resource is published by the partner in a personal blog or on the site. When a customer purchases a product from this link, the partner receives a fee.

However, the purchase is not the only opportunity to receive a reward. It includes downloading a file, registering, creating an account, etc.


The affiliate marketing industry operates without interruption. This field is projected to grow to $8 billion by 2022. So, working in this area is profitable and promising.

The table below provides an analysis of the annual income of individuals involved in affiliate marketing. The data suggests that the income from affiliate programs can be varied.

If you were able to earn, for example, $150 a day, this does not mean that in the future the profit will be the same. Success is determined by the choice of niche, strategy, personal perseverance and determination.

Affiliate Marketing is not "Easy" Money

Most people believe that nothing needs to be done to earn money in this system. Money comes without much effort. A person travels or does a hobby, and his account is replenished. In fact, the proportion of partners that have achieved some success is 1%. Before getting into this 1%, they work long and hard.

Stable earnings are also a difficult achievement in this area. It will take from 6 months to 3-4 years. Success consists of hard work, the ability to create high-quality and original content, and the desire to promote the products of the seller. The right strategy is the key to income and stability in affiliate marketing.

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