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How Technology is Affecting Employment and Jobs?


Many traditional jobs have disappeared from the market due to technological development. Technology has a great impact on almost every industry. Technologies like automation, AI, IoT are threats for many conventions’ jobs. If you are not good at technology then you might lose your job.

In this article, we will focus on how technology has impact on jobs. Despite the fact that technology has made life simple and easier to live but it is a big problem for employment. However, there are many opportunities if you know how to use technology and learn them properly. By analyzing its positive and negative impact, let us understand what you can do in this situation.

Advantages of Technology on Employment and Jobs

There are different technologies that are increasing job opportunities. Initially, those technologies may take away some jobs but over a period of time, they will produce more job opportunities in the future. Now let us discuss the advantages of technology on employment.

  • 3D printing can be used in the construction industry to visualize the 3D view of a building before it is built. Initially, it will take away some jobs but as more and more houses, commercial buildings, apartments are built there will be opportunities for employment but the job profiles will be different.

  • Blockchain technology is a field that will produce many job opportunities. It is playing an important role in digital currencies. Online trading softwares can help you understand more about digital currencies.

  • Due to technology, many jobs have taken the burden of physical labor from people. By providing training people can become skilled and do jobs with less physical labor. This can improve the health conditions of many people.

  • Another advantage of technology is that you may have not a good academic career. But if you have a good knowledge and skill about a particular technology you can employable in many good companies.

  • Technology can significantly improve the economic growth of the government. As technology increases the productivity of a company. And productivity can produce more revenue, eventually improves the economy of a nation.

  • Technology can help people from rural areas to work remotely. This is a great advantage for the people who are living in remote areas. They can earn money from their home.

Disadvantages of Technology on Employment

  • With the advancement of technology, many low-skilled workers will lose their job. It is not possible for everyone to learn the technologies and save their jobs. Moreover, machines integrated with automation can do the job of multiple workers in a very small time. So companies will need fewer employees for a particular task.

  • Even some skilled workers will lose their job due to some of the future technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, data science, etc. For example, many customer support employees are losing their jobs because of chatbots.

  • With the rising demand for online education, many schools and institutions will face lot of problems and non-teaching staff will lose their job.

  • Due to digital marketing, many conventional marketing jobs have already disappeared. Additionally, with the development of AR and VR, the marketing industry will grow but conventional marketing will not be in use.

  • Technology is changing at a faster rate and it is not possible for everyone to stay updated with the job profile. Because learning requires time but in a busy schedule many people can’t make a proper balance between their job, family, career, finance, etc.


Finally, you have understood that technological advancement will reduce many conventional jobs. However, it will bring more job opportunities in the future. In this situation, you need to keep learning and updated with the technological changes to sustain your position. In one-way technology is improving our lifestyle and making things easier. On the other hand, it is very difficult to save their job. Please share your point of view on this.

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