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HomePod mini release date: Smaller smart speaker's announcement looms but a second-generation HomePod isn't planned for 2020

Apple HomePod smart speaker | Photo credit: Korie Cull (@korie) / Unsplash

There is a slew of upcoming devices Apple is expected to announce in the remaining months of 2020, and one of them is expected to be the HomePod mini. However, a new report emerged claiming that the second-generation of the regular-sized smart speaker is not slated to be released this year.

HomePod mini announcement happening at iPhone 12 event?

A new smart speaker has been mentioned several times by different sources as one of the upcoming devices this fall. It does not come as a shock considering the HomePod was first released two years ago. However, it appears that Apple has a different strategy when it comes to updating the HomePod product lineup this year.

After two years, some tech fans may have been expecting Apple to announce the HomePod 2. However, well-known leaker L0vetodream has reported that the second-generation smart speaker is not slated to launch in 2020. But Apple will reportedly announce a new speaker, which the leaker referred to as the “mini one.”

Jon Prosser, another leaker with a good track record, has mentioned the HomePod mini in an earlier video on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech. Not much information was provided at the time other than the smaller smart speaker was one of the “likely” devices to be announced during the Time Flies event last month. While the speaker was not part of last month’s occasions, it does not necessarily mean it is not in the pipeline.

Both leakers have not specifically said the HomePod mini is going to be included in the devices to be announced at Apple’s “Hi, Speed” event next week. If the speaker is a no-show on Oct. 13, it is worth noting that the tech giant is also rumored to hold a third fall event in November focused on new Mac computers.

HomePod mini: What to expect?

No secret is safe within the Apple supply chain, but it is interesting that there is not much information leaked about the specs, design, and price of the HomePod mini to this day. Considering its rumored name, it is only logical to expect to be smaller than the 2018 HomePod and cheaper. The lower cost should also mean that the original HomePod would have some advantages over the rumored HomePod mini. One speculated change in the smaller speaker is having fewer tweeters.

Featured photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash

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