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‘GTA 6’ release date: Banner removal of ‘RDR2’ ignites speculations that sixth installment might be announced soon

Photo via Grand Theft Auto V Facebook Page

Another “GTA 6” speculation is circulating online after Rockstar North took down the massive banner of “Red Dead Redemption 2” that adorned its front building. The gaming studio is responsible for creating the “GTA” series, so it isn’t surprising that this is causing a lot of headlines on the web.

What’s more, prior to the banner of “RDR2” occupying the said space, a “GTA V” poster was previously hanging there with its three main characters taking the spotlight. So could it be that Rockstar and Take-Two are gearing up to announce “GTA 6” soon?

That remains to be seen. There have been a lot of rumors and speculations surrounding “GTA 6,” and it’s really difficult to tell which are fake or genuine due to the developers maintaining their silence. So for now, it’s best to remain skeptical, Edinburghlive reported.

GTA 6 leak details various aspects of the title

Meanwhile, another rumor that highly details the story and gameplay of “GTA 6” is also causing waves online. One of the things that have been revealed by the leaker is the protagonist of the game.

“He is described as a 20-something character with a Naval Officer absentee Gringo father and a South American mother. He is a Bilingual dime bag dealing, jewelry snatching criminal who enters the drug trade to support his large family in the fictional city of Republic of Castellano, South America which is Rockstar's version of Colombia and Bolivia,” the leaker claims. The “GTA 6” information goes far deeper than the background of the main character, going into specifics like locations and plot progression.

GTA 6 4chan leak likely a fabrication

So is there any weight to the claim? Again, it’s difficult to tell. But given that this “GTA 6” rumor originated from 4chan, you should take this one with a grain of salt, DailyStar reported.

After all, it’s quite similar to what occurred last month where a Redditor also revealed a laundry list of information about the game only for the entire post and account to be deleted when it went viral. What’s certain now is that “GTA 6” is going to be a next-gen console and will likely come out in 2021 at the earliest. Or if we’re lucky enough, perhaps at the tail end of 2020.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick did say that eight years is too long for a sequel to come out. With “GTA V” turning six years old next month, “GTA 6” could come out in the next two years or so, which brings us back to the aforementioned banner removal. Hopefully, we hear something significant from Rockstar and Take-Two soon as the anticipation surrounding the next entry for the franchise is becoming more confusing by the week.

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