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Farah & Farah’s 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Personal Liability Around Your Home

Since accidents do happen and there’s no way a homeowner can predict the future, great precautions should be taken to reduce personal liability. Whether the homeowner gets sued for causing personal injury or property damage, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

One of the largest law firms in Florida and Georgia since 1979, Farah & Farah, recommends taking all necessary steps to reduce that risk for the homeowner and avoid a lengthy and costly litigation process. In most cases, the accidents that result in an injury are due to an oversight. This article gives you the low-down on the best practices to secure your property and reduce that risk.

1. Install a Fence

A yard is a place for children and pets to have fun. At any time of the day, it may be littered with toys, and other outdoor items. Additionally, if the dog is hyperactive, then there might be a few holes in the ground here and there.

According to the personal injury lawyers at Farah & Farah, these are all accidents waiting to happen especially if the yard has no fence around it. If someone wanders into the yard and gets themselves injured by tripping on a toy or gets entangled in the tire swing, they could sue the owner for personal injury and medical bills. To prevent that it’s recommended to install a fence around the yard to keep prowlers out.

2. Fire Extinguishers

Fire hazards are a risk that every homeowner needs to take seriously. Every year thousands of homes are lost to fires for no fault of the homeowners. But fires don’t have to come from outside the house, sometimes they start from within.

Besides the risk to lives and personal property, fires also pose a risk to the neighbors. And the last thing anyone would want is to start a fire that engulfs other properties as well. That could put the owner in the middle of a lawsuit on top of everything else. To secure your property against fire hazards, buy fire extinguishers and install them in the kitchen and bathrooms. Most importantly, make sure all residents know how to use one.

3. Pet Warning Signs

At the law firm Farah & Farah, there’s a saying about the best pets being the secured ones. Having a pet can be a delight. They become a member of the family and you can take them out as well. However, not all pets are friendly to strangers. Sometimes even the most peaceful dog can become aggressive around someone they do not know. So, take steps to secure your pets when they are around people.

At home, post warning signs around the property about your pets. These can help you defend yourself if your dog or cat attacks someone who annoys them. It’s also a good practice that keeps the guests watchful in case the pets misbehave.

4. Secure the Yard

Protecting the yard against prowlers and the neighbor’s dog with a fence is a great idea. But if you have a swimming pool or a hot tub, you’re still open to a personal injury lawsuit if someone falls into the pool. Make sure to cover the pool and the hot tub when you’re not using them or if you plan to have guests over for a house party.

Speaking of parties, the personal injury lawyers at Farah &Farah recommend you watch out for drunk guests if you serve them alcohol. Especially those who tend to get rowdy and go on a rampage that could include the neighbor’s property as well.

If you have a trampoline, you might consider dismantling it when the kids are not using it. Or you could install a fence around it. This will reduce the risk of a visitor tripping over it or getting themselves injured trying to use it.

5- Guest-proof the House

Just as you’d childproof your house to make it safe for you child, you should guest-proof your house to prevent high-cost lawsuits. If for example, a guest falls down the stairs and breaks a leg, they could sue you. For safety reasons, remove any dangerous objects around the house that could pose a danger to visitors. This includes toys lying around, ladders, or any unsafe machinery.

While all these tips might seem overly drastic, Farah & Farah asserts that it is better to be safe than face a personal injury lawsuit because of negligence.

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