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Donald Trump sparks health concerns with his ‘deteriorating’ vocabulary; POTUS suffering from cognitive decline, brain problems

DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump’s manner of speaking, his choice of words, and the depth of his sentences and their construction have all changed in recent years. In the past, the POTUS was dubbed as one of the most articulate presidents of the country, but he can barely spell certain words correctly these days.

Experts recently spoke with Stat News to analyze some of the noticeable changes in Trump’s vocabulary. The majority of them said that the POTUS currently only uses simple words and simple sentence constructions so that he could be appealing to certain groups of people.

But Ben Michaelis, a psychologist from New York City, said that there could be a bigger issue with the POTUS’s health. He said that other than Trump’s age, it is also possible for him to be experiencing some decline in his cognitive functions.

Sterling Johnson, of the University of Wisconsin, said that everyday speech is one of the best ways to measure cognitive decline. And if people are noticing these changes daily then that’s meaningful.

John Montgomery, a psychologist from New York City, echoed the sentiments of the other two experts. He said that although it’s hard to talk about a person’s cognitive functions without rigorous testing, it is still pretty safe to say that Trump has had a significant decline over the years.

This is probably one of the reasons why experts and netizens alike are convinced that the POTUS could be suffering from dementia. Joe Scarborough previously said that Trump reminds him of his mother, who had Alzheimer’s for 10 years.

“It’s getting worse, and not a single person who works for him doesn’t know he has early signs of dementia,” he told USA Today.

As of late, Trump’s doctors haven’t confirmed or denied the claims made by the experts about his health. However, it is also possible that they have been keeping such information a secret from the public.

Last year, the POTUS was rushed to the hospital amid rumors that he suffered a heart attack. But the White House claimed that Trump is in good shape.

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