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Dollar General plans to hire 20,000 employees as economy reopens in the U.S.

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Dollar General is planning to recruit an additional 20,000 workers in the coming springtime. The variety store chain revealed this detail on Wednesday, April 14.

Dollar General made this decision to go on a hiring spree as the economy in the U.S. is slowly reopening, and fiscal stimulus is also being provided, as per Reuters. While the planned number of workers to be hired is big, it was said that this is actually small compared to the 50,000 that the firm recruited around the same period last year.

Adding more staff as sales surge

In any case, Dollar General is planning a massive hiring event again this year as the sales are getting even better with the U.S. economy reopening again. The company stated that its stores have also recorded an increase in sales at the height of the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The variety store firm said that it would be organizing a series of hiring events this month until all positions are filled in its stores. Staff are also needed in Dollar Generals’ corporate offices and distribution centers in various states so the recruitment will not be in one location only.

The company also mentioned that the rollout of vaccines and distribution of aid from the government has boosted the demand from their stores so they need more workers to fulfill and accommodate the services for customers.

“As a rapidly-growing company, we are proud to provide individuals with opportunities to start or advance their careers while serving as a positive economic presence in each community we call home,” Dollar General’s vice president and chief people officer, Kathy Reardon, said in a press release.

She added, “The power of coupling our mission of Serving Others with one of our key operating priorities, investing in our diverse teams through development, empowerment and inclusion, makes DG an employer of choice, and we look forward to welcoming new employees to come grow with our DG family this spring.”

Dollar General’s stock price update

Market Watch reported that Dollar General’s shares jumped by 1.01% on Wednesday. Its stock increased by 0.8% for the year to date while the S&P 500 index SPX has gained 10.3% for the period.

Meanwhile, some of the hirings for the 20,000 workers will be done virtually while others may need to be present at some locations. The recruitment will run from April 19 to April 23 and job seekers can apply for various part-time and full-time posts like store managers, sales associates, HR and drivers at the distribution centers.

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