Digital Currency Revolution Series: “Money Matters”, Whether Stocks, Commodities, Indices or Cryptocurrencies

Regardless of risk appetite, the tenor of investment, asset classes and so on, ROI (return on investment) matters at the end of the day.

Bitcoin and some major crypto-peers have side-lined other asset classes when it comes to speculation, majorly because of its luring returns on investments (exponential) earned in the emerging fintec industry. 

We reiterate the bitcoin’s boom cycles, it might have fallen considerably to where price bottomed back in December 2018 at around $3,100, when bitcoin came on the mainstream public’s radar. Quite a few investors who invested at the peaks of the hype bubble may curse this cryptocurrency for a negative reputation of high turbulence and their money would have been wiped off.

But on the contrary, it’s been compared to a number of other financial assets, including tech stocks and renowned indices like S&P500, and has been regarded as the digital version of gold. Nothing has ever risen as faster and as much as bitcoin did in the recent past. Well, before criticizing the price turbulence, one should understand boom cycles (Sharp upswings and corrective downswings) of BTCUSD that would prompt us that the prices too would ultimately confirm growth in the long-run. Consequently, this has also silenced and suppressed the criticisms of the pessimists who projected that the BTCUSD price tumble and would hit zero levels.

According to the co-founder of Morgan creek digital, Pomp Pompliano, bitcoin has derived returns on investment that is way beyond than any other asset classes, Bitcoin lures investors with a mammoth 457% returns in just last two years.

Spencer Bogart of Blockchain capital capitalizing on blockchain as a technology reckoned that the crypto-assets are gaining their traction in terms of valuation. It’s quite imperative to empathizing about boom cycle of the price behavior, reminiscing that all asset-class, in every avenue, since a process of price discovery and that cryptos are no exception.

Well, since the asset class has been dominated by retail speculation, the Blockchain Capital Partner says it isn’t surprising to see wild price swings. 

Currency Strength Index: FxWirePro's hourly BTC is flashing at 138 (highly bullish), while hourly USD spot index was at 30 (mildly bullish), EUR is at -69 (bearish), while articulating at (12:11 GMT). 

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