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‘Deathloop’ release date for Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass is set for next week

Photo credit: Bethesda Softworks / YouTube screenshot

Xbox is not wasting too much time now that Arkane Lyon’s “Deathloop” is no longer exclusive to Sony PlayStation 5. The assassin-themed first-person shooter will launch on Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass next week.

Microsoft announced new additions to the Game Pass library during its Tokyo Game Show presentation on Thursday. Headlining the live stream was the long-awaited arrival of “Deathloop” to Xbox consoles and services.

“Deathloop” and Tango Gameworks’ “Ghostwire: Tokyo” were the last PlayStation exclusives published by Bethesda. Microsoft completed its acquisition of ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company, for $7.5 billion last March.

“Deathloop” is now slated to launch on Xbox Series X/S on Tuesday, Sept. 20. Players can now pre-order the game for $59.99, but Game Pass members can play the game at no additional cost.

The game is quite a unique take on an assassin game. While players have assassination contracts to fulfill throughout the game, the extra challenge in “Deathloop” is that the main protagonist named, Colt, is stuck in a time loop. Dying or not completing the contracts before midnight will reset the players’ progress.

Microsoft is not keeping “Deathloop” to itself, though. While it is no longer exclusive to PS5, the game will be available to more PlayStation players as it is also coming to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium on the same day.

Arkane Lyon also announced a free content update called Golden Loop that will go live on Sept. 20 as well. It will introduce a new ability, weapon, enemy, and trinkets. It will also add crossplay support so PlayStation, Xbox, and PC users will be able to match up for PvP plays.

Xbox said “Deathloop” will launch on its platform equipped with all the updates Arkane released since the game launched. Xbox players can then expect to have access to post-release features like photo mode, additional accessibility options, and quality-of-life updates on day one.

The launch of “Deathloop” on PS5 last year was a success. Sony said it was the 18th most downloaded PS5 game in the United States and Canada (19th in Europe) in 2021. The first-person shooter only went live on Sept. 14 last year. Aside from its commercial success, the game also received high marks from critics and won several awards, including Best Art Direction at The Game Awards 2021.

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