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‘Borderlands 3’: How to activate VIP codes and improve looting experience

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“Borderlands 3” is an upcoming game developed by Gearbox Software. Ahead of its release, the gaming studio published a trailer showing the four main vault hunter characters. The teaser reveals a number of details about the game, but the most significant info is the identity of the Vault Hunters that include Zane, Amara, FL4K, and Moze.

The clip was also uploaded to promote co-op modes in the new shooter game called “Borderlands 3.” As part of the promotion, Gearbox Software shared tips to access its VIP program. Players can activate their codes to become VIPs, and with this, they can earn extra points that they can use to buy items like weapons, gears, and more.

Activating the codes

Players should note that the 11 new VIP Vault codes and their corresponding points are as follows: VIP-RedChest (200), VIP-COV (200), VIP-Calypso (200), VIP-MOXXI (200), VIP-Giftshop (200), BL3MUSEUMCOSPLAY (500), VIP-Gunwall (200), VIP-Photobooth (200), VIP-BoxConcept (200), VIP-Charconcept (200) and VIP-Envart (200).

As per Game Rant, to activate these codes, gamers must visit the “Borderlands 3” webpage and register. Under the insider's category, simply click the “Redeem Code” and enter the code listed above. Players can earn up to 2,500 points if they can unlock these codes on the site.

Loot Experience

One of the upgrades in the “Borderlands 3” includes changes in its loot system. The good news is that there are ways to boost the loot experience, and here are two examples:

Gear profiles

Players can create their dear profiles and build a good character. It will be easier to organize the items like the shields, relics, class and more after loot farming and they will be easier to find as well when needed in the game.

Loot duels

Participating in loot duels is another way to improve the loot experience. Although this does not offer many rewards, it will give the chance to smack another player and earn bragging rights. Finally, “Borderlands 3” will be out on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on Sept. 13.

Players should also note that DLCs for the previous game editions may also be released sooner or later. Gearbox Software is still improving "Borderlands 2" even if the third edition is already coming up soon.

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