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‘Black Clover’ episode 123 release date, spoilers: Nero’s 500-year adventure could be explored in a 2-part special

From the trailer of “Black Clover” | Photo credit: Crunchyroll FR / YouTube screenshot

Nero’s fans very likely grew in number when it was revealed that she is actually Secre, a powerful and beautiful character who has been with the First Magic Emperor. Her fans will be delighted with the news that a two-part special, starting in “Black Clover” episode 123, will dig deeper into her backstory.

Black Clover’ episode 123 spoilers: Anime series might offer more stories about Nero’s adventures

Asta and the other Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom have just overcome a great challenge posed by reincarnated elves and the Devil. Their success marked the end of that arc, and now that the show is entering a new story, it is not surprising that “Black Clover” episode 123 is going to be technically a filler.

Filler episodes are generally not favored by anime fans. But there are also times when it contains very interesting stories, and fans can get over the fact that they have to wait longer for the canon story to continue. This seems to be the case for “Black Clover” episode 123 and the installment that follows it.

The latter parts of the ninth arc showed that Nero was actually the trusted assistant of Lemiel, the First Magic Emperor. Her real name is Secre, and her mastery of the Sealing Magic helped her temporarily revive the prince of the Clover Kingdom, who then aided the protagonists in the battle against Devil.

Hopefully, “Black Clover” episode 123 will offer new scenes since Secre was posing as Nero for around 500 years before staying with Asta and the Black Bulls for good in the present timeline. Much of Secre’s abilities are a result of her long-time work with Lemiel in experimenting on spells and magic tools, so there is a very small chance for the anime producers to include that in the backstory.

On the other hand, fans are worried that “Black Clover” episode 123 and episode 124 would not live up to the hype. Some think that the filler episodes could be just a recap of the previous story arcs and would be told in Nero’s perspective.

Black Clover’ episode 123 release date: Where to watch new episodes

The series rarely takes a break even when transitioning into a new story arc. As of now, fans can expect “Black Clover” episode 123 to be released on Tuesday, Feb. 25. New episodes arrive regularly on official streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation Now, and Hulu.

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