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‘Black Clover’ anime return date, spoilers: How many episodes left before the canon filler arc ends

From the trailer of “Black Clover” | Photo credit: Crunchyroll FR / YouTube screenshot

The “Black Clover” anime drought is ending in a week, but fans have another unanswered question about the series. Right now, the episodes contain stories not based in the manga so it is only natural for many to ask when the current arc would end.

What’s the story of ‘Black Clover’ anime’s current ‘filler’ arc

At the time of the postponement of the series due to COVID-19, it was already a few episodes into the so-called training arc. It fills the events that transpired during the six-month timeskip in the manga after the Heart Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom forged unity to attack the devil Megicula, who is being protected by the Spade Kingdom.

This remains the current manga arc and not placing an anime-original arc would mean the TV adaptation will catch up with the manga and eventually lose any more chapters to adapt. So the ongoing arc in “Black Clover” anime is actually serving two important purposes for the quality of the show.

Because the training tells stories that are not from the manga, “Black Clover” fans have so often referred to is as a mere filler. However, that term might be being used loosely here. Anime fillers often mean stories that do not really affect or not related to the canon storyline, but that is not the nature of the training arc. It is important to the entire franchise to the extent that series creator Yuki Tabata is involved in the making of the anime’s training arc.

When will ‘Black Clover’ anime return to manga-based episodes

With that, “Black Clover” fans should be prepared to see more anime-original episodes than they are used to. There is no definitively declared number of episodes for the training arc, but fans are expecting it to proceed through the end of season 3.

“Black Clover” anime seasons are composed of 51 episodes. Since the training arc started in episode 130, this would mean the training arc could be stretched on more than 20 episodes. Note, however, that this is just based on fans’ speculations and the suggestion that it would allow the anime’s season 3 to avoid an awkward ending.

‘Black Clover’ episode 133 release date

After waiting for over two months, fans are going to see the anime series return with “Black Clover” episode 133 on Tuesday, July 7. It is the second part of the Black Bulls training under Mereoleona’s lead where they accidentally found an underground dungeon that was being protected by a man-made giant spider. The episode should reveal the contents of the dungeon and how it relates to their future enemy, Megicula.

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