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Best Data Room For Your Startup

To solve dozens of tasks per day for the development and promotion of a startup, you will need to choose the data room that will meet the functional requirements of your project and will also be able to guarantee the security of document storage. Today, dozens of providers offer their services, but not every VDR is suitable for the development of a startup. Based on peer reviews, we have identified 3 datarooms that will bring 100% benefit to startup projects.

Meet Leading-Marker Vendors & Their VDRs To Develop Your Startup!

Large businesses want to work with leading VDR providers because they get the best customer experience. So, why shouldn't startups pick up on this idea? If you want to choose the best data room for startups, you need to conduct a comparative analysis among the leaders. So, here we go!


iDeals electronic data room meets international security standards and can handle the most complex tasks. iDeals offers a secure online space where you can place any business-critical documents and transfer them securely inside or outside the company, with selective access to them. Companies need data rooms to communicate sensitive financial, technology, and customer information to potential buyers or investors. iDeals customers can upload documents in 15 minutes and provide access to hundreds of external users. You can pick it up at any time.

The person who gains access cannot copy or print the information. And to make it impossible to take a screenshot or a photo of the screen, the user turns on the mode in which only a tiny part of the document will be visible - you need to move the mouse to read it in detail. You can also add watermarks to documents. The client himself manages the encryption of his data and stores the keys in his infrastructure. Increasingly, iDeals is used by teams of scientists and researchers from different countries. Many of them are working on the creation of new drugs. LG, American Airlines, and Toyota can be noted among regular customers!


Merrill's online data room software solution streamlines the due diligence process and is a highly efficient method of exchanging critical business information for due diligence electronically through a highly secure VDR. It has a wide range of functionality that covers a whole range of tasks in the field of corporate data protection: control of the movement of data that is outside the organization's network, a secure implementation of the BYOD concept, and content control of mobile devices (MCM), protection of critical documents through the creation of DRM, with the ability to revoke previously granted access rights, as well as a centralized backup module. Through cutting-edge technology, personalized customer service, and continuous improvement and development, Merrill has become a leading global provider of VDR solutions;


Ansarada provides AI-powered online data rooms and information platforms for business transactions and high-profile events such as mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, tenders, and IPOs. Historically, Ansarada's VDRs have allowed sensitive material information to be hosted, shared, and managed between bidders and merchants during their SaaS solutions during the M&A due diligence process. So, you will have new technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning to be ready for the most important results by structuring your business data correctly, holding people accountable, and tracking progress with an objective assessment of readiness. Ansarada has a robust and company-wide culture for managing and handling sensitive content with a long transaction and compliance services history.

These online data room software vendors provide users worldwide with unlimited access, real-time activity reporting, document-level site search, advanced Q&A communication, and superior project management services. It reduces the time and money spent on routine transactions while managing your startup.

Startup Data Security - a Guarantee of its Successful Development!

Of course, datarooms providers try to unique their package of services. However, they all adhere to the basic principles of secure remote access:

  • Two-factor authentication;

  • Secure connection;

  • Checking the connected device for compliance with the IT security policy;

  • Prohibition on file transfer of data, use of the clipboard, attachment of disks of a remote computer, etc.;

  • Control over connections and actions of remote users.

So, VDRs allow you to control and centrally manage data, regardless of the user's location and outside the corporate network. Easy to install and use, the solution provides comprehensive protection against leaks of corporate information from both stationary and mobile devices. You will be able to centrally manage user access rights to corporate data by numerous parameters, including date and time, geolocation, IP address, and others. The best developers reviewed on paid particular attention to security. All data is transmitted over a secure SSL protocol and is pre-encrypted using the AES-256 algorithm to create an additional layer of protection.

Looking for Success? - It's all about Getting Started!

So, the success of your startup depends on its development environment. It is the kind of environment that the data room will become! Leading providers are ready to offer you centralized access control to data from both stationary and mobile devices and the ability to manage and revoke access rights. Moreover, you will be able to integrate with other DLP solutions to provide additional levels of data protection (ICAP support). You also know the importance of controlling company data outside the corporate network to prevent the leakage of valuable information! It is also essential that the provider takes care of the convenience of work for end-users on any popular mobile devices, PCs, and laptops.

The online data rooms that we recommended above solve all these problems and have a simple single web interface for managing all platform components. In addition, their modularity allows you to eliminate the cost of extra tools that are not currently in use and flexibly manage security costs.

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