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‘Avatar 2’ release date, spoilers, trailer: Sequel to feature crab-like submarines as RDA’s plans go beyond Pandora’s lands

From the trailer of “Avatar” | Photo credit: Avatar official channel / YouTube screenshot

It is no longer a secret that “Avatar 2” will give Pandora’s bodies of water much more attention than it got in the first movie. Fans now have a glimpse of how the Resources Development Administration (RDA), aka the real villain of Pandora, will cope with the new environment in the sequel.

‘Avatar 2’ spoilers: More teasers reveal movie will explore Pandora’s waters

One of the latest updates from the movie franchise’s official Twitter page is the first look into the concept art of a submarine vehicle that RDA will be seen using in “Avatar 2.” It has been labeled as the crabsuit vehicle because it looks very much like a crab and functions like one as well.

RDA’s submarine vehicle has multiple legs but not as much as the crustacean has. The concept art shows it can be controlled by a driver on land with its six mechanical legs. But, unlike crabs, RDA’s underwater vehicle’s legs are not needed for it to float.

It should be noted that the images are called “concept art,” so it will not be surprising to see some changes in “Avatar 2.” But this confirms that RDA’s exploits of Pandora will not end by plundering its lands as the vehicle suggests the company will explore underwater, too.

‘Avatar 2’ new release date: COVID-19 delays movie premiere again

Seeing photos of the elements that are in “Avatar 2” is exciting, but fans should be reminded that the much-awaited sequel has been delayed once again. Cameron wrote an open letter to fans last month explaining that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed their live-action filming schedule in New Zealand as well as production work in Los Angeles.

“Avatar 2” was originally set to premiere in December 2021. Following the delay, however, the sequel will now be released in December 2022.

Will there be an ‘Avatar 2’ trailer soon?

With several concept art and teasers being released on social media over the past months, fans have started asking whether this leads to the unveiling of an official “Avatar 2” soon. Live-action filming for the sequels reportedly began in early 2019. But considering the recent decision to delay the movie’s release, there is a very small chance that the first trailer would be out this year.

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