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‘Apex Legends Mobile’ beta: Next tests kick off in September in 5 countries, here’s how to join the closed beta

From the Apex Legends - Valkyrie character reveal trailer | Photo credit: Apex Legends official channel / YouTube screenshot

There are many things that mobile gaming fans do not know yet about the highly anticipated “Apex Legends Mobile.” But it appears that its regional closed beta tests are moving along well, and players in five more countries are getting the chance to try the game this month.

More regions get ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ closed beta

It may seem like a slow-moving process, but the good thing is the “Apex Legends Mobile'' closed beta tests seem to be progressing well. Respawn Entertainment recently announced that the tests will continue this fall and that they will come to more countries in September.

The next phase of “Apex Legends Mobile” closed beta tests is confirmed to begin on Monday, Sept. 13. This time, fans from Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru are the ones getting a chance to access the game before it launches.

The earliest closed beta tests started last spring. While “Apex Legends Mobile” is planned to launch on iOS, mobile gamers with Apple devices have yet to get an opportunity to join the trials. To this day, pre-registration for the game is only available on Android via the Google Play Store.

EA promised, however, that iOS support is in the works. “As we continue with testing, we’ll expand the size of these tests, add new regions, and implement iOS support,” the publisher says on an FAQ page. “When we’re ready to go broader, we’ll launch a page that allows you to pre-register for the game and sign up for news about the betas.”

How to get a chance to join ‘Apex Legends Mobile’ beta

Mobile gaming fans in Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru might want to take this time to pre-register for “Apex Legends Mobile.” This gives them a chance to be invited to join the upcoming closed beta tests.

However, just like most closed beta tests, not everyone who will pre-register will receive an invitation. EA says the beta slots are limited, and those who get invited should respond quickly. The “Apex Legends Mobile” publisher says joining the tests will be on a first come first serve basis due to the server registration limit.

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