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‘Apex Legends: Emergence’ season 10 patch notes: Buffs confirmed for Fuse, Horizon, and Caustic

From the “Apex Legends: Emergence” launch trailer | Photo credit: Respawn Entertainment via Apex Legends / YouTube screenshot

“Apex Legends: Emergence” is almost here, and most of the teasers for season 10 have been focused on the new content and map updates. However, Respawn Entertainment has also released the patch notes confirming the several Legends will receive buffs and nerfs to their abilities with the start of a new season.


In the official “Apex Legends: Emergence” patch notes, the developers noted that Fuse “continues to struggle,” so it is not surprising that he is one of the Legends getting buffed in the upcoming update. However, Respawn said improving the character does not simply mean increasing the damage he can inflict.

The developer added new features to Fuse’s Motherlode, so enemies who will be caught in his ring of fire will be revealed to Fuse’s team in “Apex Legends: Emergence.” Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster tactical ability is also getting a massive upgrade in season 10 as Respawn increased its explosion duration by 100 percent.


Respawn stands by the nerfs previously implemented on Horizon but admitted that the speed of her tactical ability may have been tweaked “too hard.” So in “Apex Legends: Emergence,” the developer “reduced the slow” after the initial pull from Horizon’s Black Hole. Horizon’s gravity lift-up speed is also increased “to a happy medium between 9.1 and Legacy update launch values.”


Similar to Horizon, Respawn realized that the previous nerf in Caustic’s gas damage to just 5 was a little too much. The Legend’s gas damage in “Apex Legends: Emergence” will start 5 and will increase by 1 after every other tick or every 2 seconds without limit.

Caustic’s Ultimate cooldown will also decrease from 3.5m to 3m. His tactical ability’s cooldown duration will also diminish from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.

“Apex Legends: Emergence” will also apply changes to Revenant, but it is not necessarily a buff nor a nerf. Respawn has added an audio and visual cue when his Death Totem protection is about to end that other players can also see or hear. The developer also “added a brief slow after being recalled to Death Totem.”

“Apex Legends: Emergence” will introduce a new Legend named Seer and the new weapon Rampage LMG. Ranked Arenas are also going live in this update, along with massive changes in the World’s Edge map. The update will be available on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

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