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Android 12 release date: Native Gaming Mode, bedtime-friendly auto-rotate are likely features included in OS update ‘Snow Cone’

Android 11 splash screen | Photo credit: Mika Baumeister (@mbaumi) / Unsplash

Google is reportedly continuing the tradition of naming Android updates after sugary treats, at least internally. Meanwhile, more upcoming features are appearing in several reports, including a new auto-rotate scheme that could work best for people who love using their phones in bed. The company is also expected to introduce a native gaming mode soon.

Android 12 possible release date and internal name

For years, the annual Android update has been named after desserts. But Google ended that sweet tradition in 2019 when the company officially launched that year’s update as simply Android 10. The new and rather plain pattern was observed last year with Android 11 and appears to be the case this year with Android 12.

However, XDA Developers said Google has not stopped calling its mobile OS updates sweet nicknames within its premises. The report noted that Android 11’s development branches were identified with “rvc” that purportedly meant red velvet cake. The publication expects to see “sc” once the Android 12 source code is revealed, which is believed to stand for Snow Cone as the update’s internal codename.

The first official look at Android 12 is expected to happen any day now. Google is speculated to follow the same development timeline last year, which had the first Developer Preview launched in mid-February. In this case, the full version of Android 12 could be released in September. But note that Google has yet to announce the timeline for this year’s update.

Android 12 could introduce native Gaming Mode, new auto-rotate mechanism

Even before the first Android 12 Developer Preview arrives, some upcoming features are already making the rounds online. It was previously reported that Google could be exploring new privacy-related features, some UI design changes, and picture-in-picture resizing improvements.

More recently, the Android 12 has been reported to include a built-in gaming mode. This would allow mobile gamers to have a native setting for how they want to receive notifications, incoming messages and calls, brightness adjustment, and sound level when they open their favorite game. This option has been available through manufacturers’ UIs for some time now, like the gaming modes available through Samsung’s One UI and Vivo’s Funtouch OS.

Android 12 is also expected to introduce a new auto-rotate mechanism that will use the device’s front-facing camera. With the new feature, the sensor could be able to detect which screen orientation is best to use depending on the angle or positioning of the user’s face. This could improve the auto-rotate experience, especially when smartphone users are watching media content while in bed.

Featured photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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